Triple wall

Triple wall

It is not difficult to understand that several networks are better than one.  Of course, they are much more inconvenient to transport and need a high level of skill to use them, but the number of trophies will be many times more than when using a single-wall grid.  Looking not all these factors, it became clear that the network, which will consist of three wall canvases, is much more efficient and easier to use than its uniformed counterparts.  People call this network very simply - “putanka”.  This network is special in that, in parallel with the main canvas, there are also side panels in the network, their peculiarity is that they are made of a special fishing line, and the cell size is at least 180 mm.  A large number of buyers have repeatedly stressed the huge number of advantages of the network with three canvases.  In the "Sete Snasti" Shop there is a huge selection of all types of fishing nets that will suit both the novice fisherman and the absolute professional.

  The three-canvas nets are significantly superior to their single-sided relatives in the number of fish caught.  Freely lying in the water network canvases envelop the fish, thereby falling under the gills and sometimes even in the mouth of the fish (often predatory fish cling to the teeth), disrupting the process of breathing in and exhaling air.  The only negative factor of a three-wall network is its fast clogging.  Professionals recommend using this type of networks only in clean waters or systematically devoting time to cleaning them.

  In the shop "Sete Snasti" you will find only high-quality three-walled fishing nets.  The use of these nets guarantees the high strength of all three canvases, which is very important and necessary when catching predatory fish (pike perch, pike, asp or perch).  Strength is increased due to thermal fixation of the nodes, which makes them more resistant to UV light (they do not fade in the sun) and saltwater.  Most modern three-wall nets have a special thread color, which makes the network less noticeable in water and much more catchy.

 Immediately we want to pay attention to the process of installing the network and its proper use.  Of course, you can simply buy a network of any size, do not hesitate to install it, remain without a catch and blame the manufacturer for everything.  And you can assess the terrain, measure the depth, find holes, properly set up the network, and after a few hours enjoy the catch.  Here are some tips that will simplify the installation of the network and will be useful to every fisherman:

 - In hot weather, the fish tends to places that are more enriched with oxygen (river mouths, springs) will more correctly install networks as close as possible to these places, thereby creating a kind of barrier to the movement of fish.

 “Thanks to the echo sounder, you can identify underwater pits from which fish often rise to the surface or to the coastal zone.

 - In order to get better sea fish swims to the coastal zone.  Wind and waves bring the main feed closer to the shore.  It is recommended to put the network in the muddy coastal zone.

 It is also worth remembering that in addition to you there may be other fishermen on the pond, you should carefully study the surface of the water for the presence of other networks.  Also, do not forget about amateur fishing, their feeders can easily get lost in your networks.

 In any case, you can always ask for advice from any manager of the "Sete Snasti" shop and immediately get expert advice on a particular issue.

Сеть Трёхстенная 1.6х40м Ø25мм - 80мм (Свинцов. груз)
Сеть Трёхстенная 1.6х40м Ø30мм - 60мм (Вшитый груз)
Сеть трёхстенная (Капроновая) 1.6х40м Ø25мм - 70мм.
Сеть трёхстенная 1.7х80м ø25мм - 80мм (вшитый груз)
Сеть трёхстенная 2.7х80м Ø35мм - 100мм (Вшитый груз)
Сеть Трёхстенная 4.7х80м Ø50мм - 100мм (Вшитый груз)
Сеть трёхстенная, Плетёный порежь 2.7х80м Ø30мм - 100мм
Сеть трёхстенная капроновая 2.7х80м Ø35мм - 100мм
Frame net from a filament (Handwork)  Ø50-85мм
Frame net from лески (Handwork)  Ø30-100
Frame net from wattled лески (Handwork)  Ø30-100
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