Single wall nets

Single wall nets

Single-wall fishing nets are the most popular type of fishing nets, the people simply - gill.  These networks are woven from different types of network canvases and have many varieties and species.  Often they are divided into classes and the quality of the network canvas, the density of the cord, as well as the quality of the manufactured product.  The main feature is that this type of nets can be used absolutely on any reservoir, both when fishing from the shore and from a boat.

 The main feature of the wall network is that it is very simple in its design.  At the top of the network, there is a floating cable that keeps the network afloat, and at the bottom, there is a cable on which the sinkers are held between the cables and the network web is stretched.

 The entire network design is attached to the sides of the codules (thick cords, approximately 5 mm in diameter) for which the network can be easily transported or tied to a bush or reed.  If necessary, thanks to the codes, you can link several networks together.  We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in bottom single-walled nets the number of weights considerably exceeds the number of floats, due to which the bottom of the net falls to the bottom of the reservoir.

 It is worth noting that the color of the network does not matter in deep water bodies (the depth is more than 3 meters), due to the fact that the network is not visible at such depth due to turbidity.

 The main features of the single-wall network are:

 - This network is relatively cheaper than its closest counterparts (Finnish and three-network).  Indeed, the cost of a single-wall network is thirty percent less than the cost of a higher-quality Finnish network.

 “The single-wall net is very floating, thanks to the float cord, which makes it more practical in standing water.  On the other hand, the bottom net has the same characteristics, but due to the greater number of sinkers, it has the advantages of fishing in depth.

 - Network rebounds are made of twisted ropes or braided cord.

 - Different types of sinkers are used.  There may be lead, metal or the same cord with fixed weights.  The network allows the use of different types of sinkers, as long as they match the weight.  Using one heavier sinker can immediately lead to a network sagging.  Buying a network in the shop "Sete Snasti" you get a perfectly balanced network that you can immediately use.

 - Different length of networks.  Often, the network is not more than 30 meters long, but on our website, you can see networks 60 and 100 meters long.  Such nets are used for industrial fishing and require some level of training and experience.  For lovers, a 30-meter version is perfect, which is not less catchy than its longer counterparts, just having a smaller surface area.

 - Different types of materials are used in the manufacture of network canvas.  The network can be made from both nylon and nylon or Dacron.  It is worth noting that to date, the most practical network of nylon, but the use of the network, for example, cotton, will also bring the required amount of catch.

 A particular attention we want to identify cheap Chinese single-wall networks.  In our store, these are not sold, however, it will be correct to devote a few words to them.  Today, approximately 50% of the Ukrainian market is occupied by this segment.  Of course, due to the low cost, there is a desire to buy them.  But, be sure, they will not bring any catch or pleasure, but they can add problems and troubles.  Of course, these networks are often used and bring results, but often, the amount of elapsed time does not correspond.

 More detailed information you can always get from our managers during the direct purchase of goods or telephone counseling.

 Shop "Sete Snasti" offers a large selection of very high-quality single-walled fishing nets at affordable prices.  It is worth noting that the technical characteristics and capabilities of this network, combined with the democratic price, making them the leaders of the fishing industry.

Рыболовная сеть одностенная 1.7х40м
Сеть рыболовная одностенная 1.7м на 80м (Свинцов. груз)
Сеть рыболовная одностенная 1.7м на 80м Синяя (Свинцов. груз)
Network Single-walled 1.8м on 100м Ø14мм - 100мм (Sewn load)
Сеть рыболовная одностенная 1.7м на 80м (Вшитый груз)
Сеть рыболовная одностенная 1.7м на 80м Синяя (Вшитый груз)
Сеть рыболовная одностенная 1.8м на 80м (Капрон)
Сеть рыболовная Kaida одностенная 2,2м на 80м Усиленная (Вшитый груз)
Сеть рыболовная одностенная 2,7м на 80м Донная (Вшитый груз)
Сеть рыболовная одностенная 2,7м на 80м (Вшитый груз)
Сеть рыболовная одностенная 4,7м на 80м (Вшитый груз)
Сеть рыболовная одностенная 2,7м на 80м Капрон (Вшитый груз)
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