Finnish networks

Finnish networks

Each of us enjoys fishing in our own way.  Someone calms the nerves, someone is interested in leisure, but for someone it is not a bad way to earn extra money.  Of course, everything comes with experience.  The more time you spend on a particular reservoir, the better you will be able to understand how the local fish behave, what is the structure of the bottom and other equally necessary nuances.  Finca is an ideal option for fishermen who are not yet ready to call themselves professionals, but have long since left the newcomers bench.  It should be immediately noted that the Finnish fishing nets are significantly superior to other types of fishing nets in quality.  In the manufacture of this type of networks used Japanese network canvases.

 Network structure and network fabrication.

 In the manufacture of this type of networks used nylon thread, twisted and plain fishing line or nylon.  The usual single-wall fishing net made of fishing line is almost invisible under water, but this type of net is inferior in quality to the nylon mesh, which, although more visible, is incredibly strong and catchy.  The main disadvantage is of course the time that will be spent on its cleaning.  The golden mean in this confrontation is the Finnish fishing net.  Thanks to the twisted fishing line, which is used in the process of its production, it is much stronger, but at the same time almost not clogged with garbage in the form of algae and small branches.  Of course, to use this type of netting, a certain level of skill and experience is needed, but even beginner fishermen can take a chance and try the Finnish business.  You can always consult the managers of the shop Fish Place, who will be happy to help with practical advice and answer all your questions.

 Finnish fishing nets are made in two ways:

 - Machine weaving.  Proceeding from the name, it immediately becomes clear that this network is weaved exclusively by robots or machine tools.  It has a smaller margin of safety and the catchability is over, but much cheaper than handmade networks.  The disadvantage of this network lies in the sticking to the cord of the main canvas.  Often, he is either very tough or too flimsy.  Both options do not play into the hands of the fisherman.  It is worth noting that such networks are made up to 60 meters long and 1.8 meters high.

 - Hand weaving.  The main advantage is of course quality and durability.  Each node is performed with a special effort, thereby increasing the strength of the entire network.  The design and method of manufacture is the same, but the price is fairly higher, which is justified by the quality.

 Each Finnish fishing net carries a Finnish cord, which significantly increases the buoyancy of the net and prevents it from becoming tangled.  You can get a more detailed description and description of the network during the consultation from one of the employees of the Rybniy Ryad store.

 There are many varieties of Finnish fishing nets.  We want to draw your attention to 3 main types:

 The usual "Finn".  The most popular copy of this classification of fishing nets.  The main feature is a slight length, not more than 30 meters.  The single-wall fishing net is made of a stronger material than a fishing line, thanks to which the durability and quality of the net is significantly increased.  Due to the simplicity and not great length, this type of finca has long won the respect of all categories of fishermen.

 Anti-finca.  All binders that hold the mesh are hidden in the cord.  It can be compared to a cheap Chinese relative, which is much more difficult to install, this type of Finnish network is more convenient to unwind and install, which saves time.  Even an absolute beginner can cope with such a network.  Every day more and more fishermen give preference to the named species.  The name "Anti" comes from the manufacturer, there are no opposites in it.

 "Barracuda".  This fishing net is an ideal option for the river bottom.  Due to its properties, the network falls in the water in a trapezoidal way.  The network must be placed at an inclination against the direction of the flow, thus it is possible to significantly reduce its entanglement and twisting.  The upper cord eliminates tight tension, and the lower cord lays down along the bottom, thereby creating some pockets, thereby increasing the efficiency of the network.

 In the shop Fish Place you will be able to not only live to get acquainted with all kinds of Finnish fishing nets, but also get more detailed advice from our managers.  We are waiting for you on our website.

Network the single-walled Finn of 1.8м on 30м Та-Юй Ø20мм - 60мм (Cord)
A network of Анти is Finn, threewall 1.8х30м Ø25мм - 60мм (Cord)
Network the single-walled Finn of 1.8м on 30м Анти Øof 13мм - 60мм (Cord)
Network single-walled Баракуда 2м on 30м Ø30мм - 70мм (Cord)
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