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Every fisherman, whether an amateur, a professional or an absolute beginner, has repeatedly heard, and some even know about fishing nets. A simple device that helps in fishing and other inhabitants of the underwater world. Fishing nets, as a way, fishing have been used for a very, very long time and this is not strange, due to their simplicity and the ability to significantly increase the catch, they took pride of place among fishing gear.

Of course, today's fishing nets cannot be compared with those that were used not only ten thousand years ago, but even with those that were used in the last century. Today, manufacturers have gone far ahead of primitive woven nets.

Net manufacturers use high-quality polyethylene or nylon, which in the course of production turns into the woven fishing net we need.

Our store offers quality fishing nets of the following types: single-walled nets, three-walled fishing nets, and the legendary Finnish fishing nets. We want to pay your attention to each particular species.

Single wall fishing nets.

The most popular type of fishing nets, many know them as the more popular name - gill. The name discloses the principle of operation of this category of nets. Trying to swim through the mesh, the fish begins to get entangled in it with its gills, wanting to free itself, it immediately hooks onto other cells, thereby finally becoming entangled in the net.

The main feature of a single-walled net is that it is very simple in its design. At the top of the net is a float cable that keeps the net afloat, and at the bottom is a cable with sinkers, between which the net web is stretched.

The entire net design is attached on the sides to codles (thick cords, approximately 5 mm in diameter) for which the net can be easily transported by the net, or tied to a buoy. If necessary, thanks to the codes, you can connect several nets to each other. Experienced fishermen often use codes when they want to attach one edge of the net to a stake or to an anchored ship.

Our site offers a large selection of very high-quality single-wall fishing nets at affordable prices. After all, it is precisely the technical characteristics and capabilities of this net that are stated above that, in combination with the democratic price, make them leaders in the fishing industry.


Three-walled fishing nets.

This category should be immediately noted with a huge number of all possible modifications. The name speaks for itself, because the manufacturer uses three walls at once, instead of one, as it was in a single-wall net.

This net is special in that in parallel with the main canvas, there are also lateral canvases in the net, popularly called “cuts”, their peculiarity is that they are made of special fishing line, and the mesh size is not less than 180 mm. You can find a three-walled net with the same cell size both in the main canvas and in the cut. Rest assured, this is not a very high-quality cut, because thanks to the large mesh size in it, it serves as a kind of pocket, thereby creating an additional “barrier” for fish that wants to leave the net. A large number of buyers have repeatedly emphasized the benefits of a three-wall net precisely thanks to cuts.

Often this type of net is made using nylon, although it is not uncommon for them to be made with caprone filament.

For novice fishermen, we strongly recommend taking nets with nylon cloth, because they are much easier to use. It would be better for pioneers to learn the basics of fishing first and only then buy nets from fishing line, because the latter are quite difficult to abandon the first time without confusing. Of course, it is much easier for fish to get entangled in forest nets than caprone nets, but you should understand that not only fish, but also the fisherman himself can get confused, without the necessary experience and knowledge.

The principle of operation of the three-walled net is very simple, the fish, passing through the cut, gets to a canvas with a small mesh size and trying to get out of there, it encounters a barrier in the form of a net with large mesh, thereby getting confused both in the main canvas and in cuts.

Choosing and buying a good three-wall net is very difficult because the Internet is overwhelmed with a variety of offers, some of which can carry low-quality goods for a lot of money. In order to avoid mistakes and buy a quality fishing net for a fair price, we recommend that you visit our site and choose the option that suits you best. If necessary, our managers are always ready to help.

 Finnish fishing net.

It is worth immediately paying attention that Finnish fishing nets are significantly superior to other types of fishing nets in quality. In the manufacture of this type of net, Japanese net webs are used. The people - “Finn” earned the respect of fishermen at the end of the last century, bringing not only record catches but also demonstrates the high quality of the net.

The peculiarity of the Finn also lies in the method of production of this type of net. In their manufacture, caprone thread and two types of fishing line are used. The caprone thread will provide a long service life of the net but will bring little trouble to its owner, because it must be constantly cleaned. The line made of fishing line has no problems with algae and is almost invisible underwater, but more subtle.

Finnish nets are made by hand, or by machine. It is worth noting that the manual is better, but also pretty expensive from the machine counterpart.

It is worth noting that the Finnish net uses the Finnish cord, which replaces the floats and weights, and also contributes to the fact that the net is less tangled.

There are a huge number of types of Finnish nets, which you can find in the Our managers with great pleasure will tell you the features of each type and help you choose the best.


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