The non-breathable, breathable suit made of high-quality membrane material is ideal for winter fishing or hunting in winter. For lovers of ice fishing, this is ideal. This model protects you from wind, snow, rain and other problems that occur when going to the pond in winter. Pants in this version are made high on the chest and have the shape of a halo of the veranda. They protect your back from hypothermia, and you can feel comfortable outdoors, even in severe frost.

A very important feature is that all the material that makes up the winter suit is breathable and that you do not sweat even during long walks, which is not recommended in winter. For lovers of hunting - this is also the best option when choosing a suit for the winter. Pants and a jacket of a winter suit are made of non-rusting fabric, so you will not scare away the long-awaited booty.

If you go hunting, this option is for you, because it perfectly removes moisture from the body and stays dry, even if you go a few miles. If you are standing in the "room" during the hunt, you also will not freeze, the insulation in the Hollofiber suit, and it is designed to work up to -30°C. The warm kit has a lot of pockets, so you can distribute your belongings as you wish. There are warm hand pockets around the chest, so if you go out without gloves, this suit will help you warm your hands. The snake on the pants (semi-overalls) is double and works in two directions, so you can easily go to the toilet.

A set of warm winter clothes is very versatile and is also suitable for the most demanding outdoor enthusiasts in the cold winter season. An adjustable hood protects you from snow and rain. It is worth noting that the camouflage suit is quite light and almost does not feel its weight when walking.

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Characteristics Fabric Type: Membrane Water resistance of the material: 5000 (g / mm² / 24h) Breathability: 5000 (g / mm² / 24h) Fit: High Waist Minimum temperature: -30 ° C Type of insulation: Hollofiber Number of Layers: 3 Features: Water-repellent impregnation, non-blown fabric, antibacterial impregnation Color: camouflage

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Warm suit "Cage" M54 "for hunting winter fishing

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  • Product Code: Зимний костюм для охоты и рыбалки
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Warm suit "Cage" M54 "for hunting winter fishing

Warm suit "Cage" M54 "for hunting winter fishing

The non-breathable, breathable suit made of high-quality membrane material is ideal for winter fish..

1,380.35 грн. 1,453.00 грн.