• Floats for nets Black (Polyfoam Techno-M)

Black fishing floats for nylon fishing nets



A fishing net float is an integral component of this equipment. The purpose of such components is to provide support for the upper selection of fishing equipment on the surface of the water. Balanced by sinkers, the floats allow the network to take a vertical position without going to the bottom at all and not floating up completely. Thanks to this design, tackle, immersed in a reservoir, blocks it across, becoming an obstacle to the fish, which falls into the trap.

Another the function of the floats, no less important than described above, is to prevent deformation of the network web and increase its stability. When choosing components for gear, you must proceed from:

  • net design;
  • nylon fishing net parameters;
  • fishing conditions (a type of reservoir, size and the type of desired prey, etc.).

In addition to equipping fishing nets, floats are used to complete rods, ravings, seines and other equipment. In this regard, the products are popular and in demand, and are rightfully considered the basis for most fishing gear.


Features of black foam floats

The online store "Sete Snasti" presents to the attention of potential and regular customers floats for nets made from extruded polystyrene (also known as polystyrene). Products are made in egg-shaped or in the form of barrels. They have neatly made through holes designed for threading cords, the diameter of which can vary in the range of 2-10 mm. Such components are ideal for rigging nets, seines, creels, barriers for ponds. 

The online store has black foam floats in sizes from 33 x 18 to 100 x 40 mm in the following varieties: 

  • n1;
  • n3;
  • n3 +;
  • n4;
  • n5;
  • n6;
  • n8;
  • n9.

You can purchase products both wholesale and retail: large floats are sold individually, and small floats are sold in packages (in one pack - from 100 pieces). If necessary, we provide services for the manufacture of components of the required modification on an individual order, taking into account the specific conditions of the forthcoming fishing.


Advantages of Extruded Foam Floats

It is advisable to buy foam floats for nets, since they:

  • have excellent buoyancy;
  • have high strength;
  • endowed with frost resistance;
  • characterized by the ability to withstand the influence of saltwater;
  • not prone to deformation due to mechanical stress;
  • They are universal and are used to equip various fishing equipment;
  • have good water repellent properties;
  • differ in the lowest cost against a background of high quality.

To order a product, select the necessary modification and send it to the basket. Then fill out the electronic application form on our website. If there is a need to place an order for the manufacture of floats according to individual parameters or to obtain preliminary consultation of managers before purchasing, please contact us by telephone.

Our company supports a balanced pricing policy. The cost of products does not include mark-ups, which means that you do not have to overpay unjustified amounts to the detriment of your personal or family budget. The presence on the market of fishing tackle for more than 7 years has allowed us to study the production technology of components with the utmost care and become familiar with our customers' requirements in order to ensure their high level of satisfaction.

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Floats for nets Black (Polyfoam Techno-M)

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Floats for nets Black (Polyfoam Techno-M)

Floats for nets Black (Polyfoam Techno-M)

Black fishing floats for nylon fishing nets  A fishing net float is an integral componen..

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