Twisted nylon fishing net 0.18 in 4 weaves



If you are a professional in commercial fishing, a representative of a fishing farm or a private farm specializing in official fish farming and selling, then you will certainly be interested in items such as a fishing doll. It is a nylon fishing net, used for manual weaving of nets - the most simple and comfortable to use, and therefore the most popular gear.

A fishing net made by a craftsman on order has a range of advantages compared to a factory product. Firstly, it is of high quality, durability, has no defects and defects since, in the process of weaving, the specialist pays attention to every centimeter of it. And secondly, the handmade net has the parameters that are necessary for you and satisfy the conditions of your fishing.

But keep in mind one important point: the use of fishing nets in Ukraine is subject to strict restrictions. According to the current legislation on environmental protection, they can only be used for industrial purposes. All individual fishermen engaged in this fishery as a hobby will have to bear personal responsibility for poaching. 

Twisted fishing line as material for dolls 

On this page of the catalog a special variety of dolls is presented - a nylon fishing nets made of twisted fishing line. For their manufacture, the manufacturer used 4 fishing lines that are tightly intertwined. The diameter of each of them is 0.18 mm.

In terms of reliability, such dolls are almost equal to those made of nylon threads, but they are several times superior to them in terms of catchability. In order to increase the strength characteristics, the manufacturer applied a technology known as "thermal fixation of nodes."

A net based on the twisted fishing line is ideal for catching large varieties of fish:

§  grass carp;

§  silver carp;

§  carp (but not more than 25 kg).

We give our customers the opportunity to buy a nylon fishing nets from twisted fishing line in several variations - with a mesh diameter varying in the range of 30-100 mm.

The country of manufacture of the dolls presented on the window is Ukraine. Therefore, the price of them is significantly lower than the cost of foreign analogues. At the same time, the quality remains at its best and even surpasses the quality of many popular branded products on the market. It is for this reason that domestic net fabrics made of twisted fishing line have been intensively and successfully used by many industrialists over the past few years. 

Where can one buy?

If you plan to purchase a nylon fishing nets of twisted fishing lines in Ukraine, then it is most profitable to do this in the Sete Snasti online store. We guarantee:

§  prices lower than market prices, since we directly cooperate with the manufacturer, which allows us to save on logistics and not make extra charges on goods sold;

§  prompt delivery to all regions of the country, since we use the service of the fastest and most developed Ukrainian transport and logistics company "New Mail" to send;

§  a chance to pay in part with bonus points earned for previous purchases, thus receiving a good discount;

§  the opportunity to return or exchange goods that did not suit you, within 14 days from the date of receipt.

Our consultants are always happy to provide professional assistance to clients in the selection of materials. Tell me what kind of prey you plan to “open the hunt for,” and the experts of the online store will tell you what kind of mesh diameter you need to purchase. Call us during the working day or leave applications online at any time of the day. All range of nylon fishing nets materials: Catalog

Characteristics Material - Braided fishing line; Manufacturer - Ukraine

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Doll from twisted fishing line (0.18x4) ∅30-100mm, 150m per 100 mesh

  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: Кукла из скрученной лески (0.18х4) ∅30-100мм, 150м на 100 ячей
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  • 3,600.00 грн.

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Doll from twisted fishing line (0.18x4) ∅30-100mm, 150m per 100 mesh

Doll from twisted fishing line (0.18x4) ∅30-100mm, 150m per 100 mesh

Twisted nylon fishing net 0.18 in 4 weaves  If you are a professional in commercial fishi..

3,600.00 грн.