Nylon fishing doll (93.5x3 tex) - 0.8mm thickness


A fishing doll is a set of nylon folded in a bundle, which is subsequently used for the manufacture of fishing nets, seines, nonsense, and other fishing gear. To make the net, the web needs to be planted on rebounds equipped with floats (upper) and sinkers (lower). This allows you to easily install it, straightening in the direction of travel. A net made in the right way will be upright for a maximum catch. Making fishing gear requires some experience and skill.

When choosing a net canvas, it is important to pay attention to the material from which it is made, because it is the type of thread that directly affects the strength and catchability of future gear. We bring to your attention a fishing doll made of white unpainted nylon thread 93.5x3 tex thick (this is approximately 0.7-0.8mm since the thread cannot be characterized by diameter). This is the thickest thread that is used for knitting a nylon fishing net suitable for our reservoirs.

Tex is a unit of measurement of the linear density of the thread, that is, 1000 meters will weigh 93.5 grams and the value "x3" means that the thread is made in 3 weaves. They come in two sizes: 150 meters long for 75 height cells, and 150 meters for 100 cells. The dolls are made by knitting from nylon threads of the right twist. All nodes are tied soundly, neatly and do not move out. The quality of weaving can be estimated before buying, looking at the photos presented on the site.


Material Features

Nylon is a synthetic polyamide fiber derived from petroleum. Currently widely used in the manufacture of ropes and woods, in the automotive and parachute industries, it is part of wool, textiles and other household goods. The scope for a kapron fishing doll can be quite wide: it can be used both by fisheries that conduct large-scale fishing activities, and by private fishing enthusiasts for the manufacture of gear and fishing gear.

Nylon fiber has the following characteristics: transparent white color, minimal hygroscopicity, moderate tensile properties. The following features of nylon are distinguished:

  • with a minimum thickness of the thread can withstand heavyweight, does not stretch;
  • does not lose strength when wet;
  • does not absorb moisture;
  • does not deform under heavy loads;
  • does not break with repeated bends;
  • resistant to UV radiation and sea salt;
  • not susceptible to decay and damage by fungi.

All these features provide nylon fishing nets for long life, and therefore high self-sufficiency. Due to the strength characteristics and high quality of the starting material, nylon filament nets will fulfill any tasks assigned to them.


Advantages of nylon Dolls

The advent of nylon fishing nets has revolutionized industrial and recreational fishing. They replaced the rotting and torn nets of silk and cotton threads.

Nylon fishing nets made using a doll from nylon, easy to use and have several advantages:

  • have a long service life;
  • demonstrate high catchability;
  • maintainable;
  • they can be operated regardless of the season and temperature;
  • resistant to damage and tearing;
  • almost invisible in water;
  • when removing fish, you can not observe increased accuracy, which greatly speeds up the process;
  • they can be painted on their own in the desired color.

A nylon fishing nets filaments can be used for deep-sea fishing for predatory fish and can be placed in dark and muddy waters. They are indispensable during floods, flowering water. If the bottom of the reservoir consists of shell rock, then the nylon fishing net will not be damaged by cuts. Such nets are the optimal fishing gear for large fish, such as bream, pike perch.


Favorable purchases in "Set Snasti"

In the online store "Sete Snasti" you can profitably purchase any auxiliary materials for the construction of gear and fishing gear, as well as fishing dolls made of nylon. We cooperate with domestic manufacturers and large suppliers, so we can offer competitive cost without loss in quality.

You can place an order by filling out an application on the website or by calling the indicated numbers. Our managers will give expert advice so that the purchase is correct and useful. Convenient form of payment and fast delivery will make cooperation effective and enjoyable.

Please note that the use of materials and components presented in the assortment of an online store for the creation of industrial fishing gear for poaching is prohibited at the legislative level. Responsibility for such actions lies directly with the fisherman.

Characteristics Material - Nylon; Manufacturer - Ukraine

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Nylon fishing doll (93.5x3 tex) ∅90-150mm

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  • Product Code: Кукла рыболовная капроновая (93,5х3 текс) ∅90-150мм
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Nylon fishing doll (93.5x3 tex) ∅90-150mm

Nylon fishing doll (93.5x3 tex) ∅90-150mm

Nylon fishing doll (93.5x3 tex) - 0.8mm thickness A fishing doll is a set of nylon folded in a..

2,764.50 грн.