Nylon fishing net from a thread (29x6teks) - 0.6mm thickness


A nylon fishing net, or doll, is used to make nets or other fishing gear. Outwardly, it is a net without sinkers and hooks, twisted in a certain way to avoid thread confusion among themselves. It comes in different sizes, colors, cell shapes, and weaving methods. To make the right net for fishing, you need to understand some of the nuances, which we propose to do below.

Doll use area from nylon fishing net

Dolls made of nylon fishing net are able to withstand a load of 5 to 20 kg, so they are used in fisheries for industrial fishing. More precisely, for the construction of fishing gears, nets of different sizes, also fishermen make seines, trawl bags, and sports equipment from it. In addition to large fish farms, there is a great demand for nylon dolls among private entrepreneurs or fishermen who breed fish in their own reservoirs for personal purposes.

Compared to cheap Chinese blanks, which are often torn from half as much weight as recommended by the manufacturer, nylon dolls are able to withstand heavy loads, and when used regularly, the threads do not rot, as water does not destroy nylon and does not lose its properties.

Most often, dolls made of seto cloth are made of the following materials:

  • nylon;
  • fishing line;
  • nylon.

Our experts suggest stopping your choice, namely on dolls made of nylon fishing net. They do not tear, do not get confused with each other and are more durable than those made from fishing line. 

Types of net web

There are several types of paintings, depending on stretching, weaving method, load, etc. According to the method of stretching, the cells in the workpiece can be arranged in the vertical, horizontal direction or form squares at the corners. But the cell itself has standard sizes: height - 75 cells, and length - 150 m. This parameter is called a constructive step, you can also find such a simplified name as a cell step.

On sale you can find paintings with such a shape of cells:

  • rhombic. It is also called normal or traditional since such an arrangement of cells on the net fabric is the most common;
  • mirrored. The threads are located at the same distance along and across the canvas, forming cells of even square shape;
  • honeycomb or hexagon weaving. Reminds bee honeycombs. The cells themselves can be equilateral or versatile.

Dolls made of nylon fishing net are made manually or by a machine. In this case, they can communicate with each other by different nodes. The most common direct and stock assembly. The first is the simplest, therefore, blanks made from threads tied in a direct way are a cheaper option, but they are not durable, and small fibers are able to deform, warp and lose shape.

A stock or double stock assembly, the latter is used for weaving a doll from nylon threads, because sliding is observed in the assemblies, so this is an effective way to avoid this phenomenon.

In the online store "Sete Snasti" you can buy a nylon net made of white unpainted nylon thread with a thickness of tex 29x6 (approximately 0.6 mm). Tex is a unit of measurement of the linear density of the thread, that is, 1000 meters will weigh 29 grams, and the value x6 means 6 weaves. They come in two sizes: 150 meters long for 75 height cells, and 150 meters for 100 cells.

You can find out the height of the doll yourself. To do this, use the formula of the diagonal of the square.

For example, the square root of 2 is 1.414, we multiply by a cell, for example, 36 mm, 50.9 mm come out, and multiply by 75 cells = 3.817 m. It turns out the height of the doll is 3.8 m.

Choose to depend on how large the fish will be caught. Unpainted blanks are best used for the manufacture of nets used for marine fishing or in 

Characteristics Материал - Капрон; Производитель - Украина

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Nylon fishing doll (29x6 tex) ∅70-100mm

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Nylon fishing doll (29x6 tex) ∅70-100mm

Nylon fishing doll (29x6 tex) ∅70-100mm

Nylon fishing net from a thread (29x6teks) - 0.6mm thickness A nylon fishing net, or doll, is..

1,840.00 грн.