Nylon fishing net (29x3 tex)


 Nylon fishing net (doll) is an indispensable basis used in the manufacturing process of various fishing gear. In itself, it is not a fishing gear. When choosing a net, you should pay attention to the material from which it is made, since the level of strength and catchability of the finished fishing equipment directly depends on the type of thread.

Industrial nets, ravings, seines, protective materials for ponds, poultry and animals, protective nets, etc. are made of fishing net canvases. Please note: the use of materials and accessories presented in the catalog of the online store for the manufacture of industrial fishing gear for poaching is fraught bringing violators of the law to personal responsibility! 

Assortment Features

Nowadays, nylon sets are especially popular, which you can buy on the website of the Sete Snasti online store. The electronic the catalog contains products:

  • 150 m long and 80 cells high;
  • painted in dark colors (swamp, less often - black);
  • made of nylon filament, whose thickness is 29 x 3 tex, which equals 0.35 mm.
  • * Tex - linear density of the thread. The weight of 1,000 m of thread is 29 g, which equals 29 tex. The indicator "x 3" demonstrates that the thread is made by triple weaving.

Knitted dolls from the threads of the right twist. All nodes are made carefully and do not move out. The quality of weaving before a purchase can be assessed in the photos presented in the catalog. The mesh of the web is stretched by 7-9 mm. 

Advantages of nylon dolls

The nylon mesh is made in strict compliance with the requirements in the fishing industry and is distinguished by such strengths as compared to dolls made of other materials:

  • high level of reliability and durability. The threads are woven by twisting together several primary - finer ones. As a result, each finished nylon thread has the ability to withstand up to ½ kg of weight without being torn;
  • good elasticity. As a result, the net is able to stretch under the influence of a heavy catch, but not deform - that is, in the absence of tension, take the original shape and parameters;
  • resistance to environmental factors. In particular, they include UV radiation, temperature changes, the presence of salts in water;
  • a tendency to pollution. The nylon thread is non-hygroscopic and resistant to the accumulation of dirt, which simplifies the procedure for caring for gear from such a net-cloth and increases its catchability (as practice shows, fish avoid contact with dirty nets);
  • inability to get entangled in underwater vegetation and driftwood at the bottom. The smooth structure of nylon threads prevents such risks.

Due to the listed advantages, tackle made of nylon fishing net is characterized by a long service life, ease of maintenance and maintainability. Restoring damaged areas can easily be done independently at home. 

How to order?

You can get the well-known Kasimov nylon fishing net from us at an affordable price. Thanks to direct deliveries of products from manufacturers, we were able to ensure its balanced cost, avoiding margins.

To buy a nylon fishing net, just add it to the basket and place an application on the site. If you need qualified advice, contact the managers of the online store by telephone. We will make sure that yours is promptly assembled and sent to the specified address on time.

Characteristics Material - Kapron; Manufacturer - Ukraine

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Nylon fishing doll (29x3 tex) ∅18-100mm

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  • Product Code: Кукла рыболовная капроновая (29х3 текс) ∅18-100мм
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Nylon fishing doll (29x3 tex) ∅18-100mm

Nylon fishing doll (29x3 tex) ∅18-100mm

Nylon fishing net (29x3 tex)  Nylon fishing net (doll) is an indispensable basis used in ..

1,225.00 грн.