• Fishing creel float (Automatic)

Fishing creel float

Crayfish fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing. A productive industrial catch will be organized by a special tool called “fishing creel”. Using professional equipment, you can achieve maximum productivity by applying a minimum of physical effort and spending a little time. "Sete Snasti" online store is a territory of high-quality equipment supplied from reliable manufacturers who have gained authority not only in the domestic but also in the global markets.

How is the float beaker structured and how does it work?

This fishing gear has a fundamentally new design. It is made in the form of a cylinder, on the surface of which there are five lateral inlet openings designed for penetration of prey into the gear. On the upper frame, floats are fixed, and on the bottom - sinkers made of lead. The main advantage of the design is its quick assembly and putting it into a working position. 

If you decide to buy a reamer float, first of all you need to figure out how it works: 

  • Putting bait for crayfish inside the equipment, you need to lower it to the very bottom of the reservoir. It is better to immediately set up several "traps" for guaranteed large-scale production - at different distances from the shoreline and at various depths. In any case, the gap between gear should be from 10 to 30 m.
  • Crayfish will quickly catch the smell of bait, swim into the fishing creel through openings on the sides, the feature of which is a gradual narrowing in the direction from the entrance to the center. Therefore, sailing back for them will be impossible.
  • After a while (the optimal interval is 3 hours), the tackle needs to be raised to the surface from under the water using a special cord. A zipper is sewn to the side of the cylinder. Having unfastened it, you need to take out the catch, lay a new bait and lower the equipment again into the pond.

The gear is compact - when assembled, it takes up minimal space, because its round frames are made of springs that are easily bent by the "eight". Therefore, fishing creel float is well suited for transport. The weight of the structure is also small - only 0.5 kg, which is another “plus” for mobility. 


"Sete Snasti" online store - profitable and quick purchases

Our company provides its customers with the opportunity to purchase fishing equipment on the following conditions: 

  • you can slowly, without leaving your work or taking your home holiday, study the product catalog, add everything you need to the basket and fill out the online order form;
  • we will arrange the delivery of your purchases to any region of Ukraine - for this, the services of the transport and logistics company "New Mail" are used. We care about the interests of our customers, therefore, if necessary, can send the goods to another carrier, which should be initially agreed with the manager;
  • we sell crustaceans, the price of which is below the average market. We do not cheat products, because we supply them directly from manufacturers, without intermediaries;
  • in our store you can exchange unsuitable goods or even return them;
  • We offer favorable discounts. If you have already made purchases with us, then the bonus points accrued for them can be used to partially pay for the next purchased item.

All your questions will be happy to be answered by our managers over the phone. They will also help you make the right choice to avoid returns or exchanges. All consultations are provided free of charge.

Characteristics Material - Kapron; Structure. Type - Automatic

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Fishing creel float (Automatic)

  • Product Code: Раколовка поплавок (Автомат)
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Fishing creel float (Automatic)

Fishing creel float (Automatic)

Fishing creel floatCrayfish fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing. A productive indus..

181.60 грн.