Umbrella creel


People engaged in catching crayfish on a professional level on an industrial scale will certainly be interested in a favorable offer from the online store "Sete Snasti" - the umbrella head, which will help make the whole process less time-consuming and time-consuming, and catch - more productive. The product is of high quality, so it received a large number of approving reviews from users. 

What does creel consist of and how does it work?

This gear is the embodiment of the innovative design. It consists of an octagonal base, eight arcs, one end inserted at the corners of the base, and the other at a common vertex, as well as a network web stretched over this structure. Therefore, in appearance, it resembles an umbrella. In addition, the opening mechanism is arranged according to the principle with which the umbrella is endowed: just pull the thread and the creel will open. To collect the tackle, you only need one click on the button.

There are 6-20 entrances in the creel through which the prey penetrates the fishing gear. They taper towards the center and do not allow the crayfish that got into the equipment to get out into the wild.

The device works according to this principle:

  •  First, put the bait in the creel, then close it and lower it under the water to the bottom.
  •  Then, through the eight inlets for the smell of the bait, crayfish swims into it.
  •  After three hours, the creel is lifted from the bottom, the side zipper is opened, the prey is taken out, a new bait is placed inside and returned to the bottom of the reservoir.

According to the recommendations of professionals, it is better to place several fishing gears in a row, maintaining an interval between them of at least 10 and no more than 30 m. In order to get 100% guaranteed production, it is better to place the fishes not at one depth, but at different. The same applies to the distance from the coast.

The advantages of tackle are that it:

  •  easy to operate;
  •  compact and transportable;
  •  made of materials resistant to saltwater, temperature extremes, sunlight; imperceptible in water, not able to scare off prey;
  •  has a low cost, which positively affects its price.

The weight of the creel is approximately 350 g; when folded, it takes up little space. 

How to make a purchase and not miscalculate?

If you plan to buy a creel an umbrella, then our assortment is at your service. The managers of our online store, if necessary, will help you choose the right equipment and give comprehensive answers to current questions. We also, offer all customers:

  • low prices from the manufacturer: you do not have to overpay for either the brand or logistics, since we work directly with manufacturers;
  •  prompt delivery: to any Ukrainian region, your the parcel can be delivered by New Mail (or by another company upon prior agreement with the store);
  •  constant favorable discounts: for this you need to make a purchase from us at least once, for which you will be awarded bonus points. They can partially cover financial expenses for the next product;
  •  independent choice of payment option: you can transfer money to us by bank transfer (bank transfer) or pay the cost of the parcel by receiving it at the office of the transport and logistics company;
  •  the ability to return and exchange: if the item does not fit, we are ready to replace it with another or return your money.

Buy profitably, quickly and without risks - the online store "Sete Snasti" is waiting for you 24/7.

Characteristics Material - Nylon; Structure. Type - Umbrella

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Umbrella creel 100х100cm (6-20 entrances)

  • Product Code: Раколовка зонтик 100х100см (6-20 входов)
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 190.00 грн.

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Umbrella creel 100х100cm (6-20 entrances)

Umbrella creel 100х100cm (6-20 entrances)

Umbrella creel People engaged in catching crayfish on a professional level on an industrial sc..

190.00 грн.