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           Big ring gear for fishing enthusiasts.

American-style Frisbee casting nets at affordable prices. Delivery to all regions of Ukraine. Fast and quality service. 

Fishermen have long known about such a thing as casting nets. They are significantly different from all others, as they have very great strength and reliability. It is because of this that they were able to fall in love even with beginners in this matter. No good fishing is complete without the use of casting nets. Experienced fishermen will tell you about this immediately and without a hitch.

A casting net with a ring can be used in reservoirs of any type, although most often they are used precisely for shallow water with transparent water, where the bottom is visible. It is the quality of the bottom that determines the quality of the disclosure of the nets, respectively, and the catch.

It is necessary to correctly determine what is important if we are talking about casting nets in Ukraine.

Pros of using casting nets:

  • Most fisheries took just such an inventory for the main armament for catching fish of various breeds and sizes.
  • Good for catching crayfish, jellyfish, etc.
  • Thanks to the thread of natural kapron, the net does not get tangled, it is very easy to straighten in water and performs its task.
  • Great for beginners who do not have experience with large nets.
  • It can be used both from dry land (casting method) and from a boat.
  • A special way of weaving a net of kapron threads allows the fish to swim into the trap and stay there until the fisherman removes it. Protection against the involuntary release of fish.

Cons of use:

  • You need to understand that at the bottom, for this it is worth using sonar, or fishing exclusively in well-known reservoirs.
  • Do not forget that the grid is a grid and you need to be careful when removing it, since there is a risk of clinging to something.

  • You will fall in love with this net so much that you will no longer need any others after that. The operation is very easy. In any case, beginners will appreciate, because from the first time they will be able to boast of a quality catch of fish. 

You can always buy a casting net of the American type on our website. Even if your fishing experience is very small and many subtleties are not yet within your reach, our consultant will always help you decide on the choice of a product that is right for you. Anyone who knows their job well will tell you that the Frisbee casting net will help you get home with a good catch. 

The nets we sell have all international certificates, as they passed several stages of testing for strength and durability. Among our regular customers, there is one rather famous club of fishermen, which for several years in a row has been very successfully the leader in its industry, collecting one after another award in competitions. For many, fishing is life, and they certainly know the value of Frisbee in everyday fishing.


Big Ring Casting Nets 

Often casting nets with a large ring are also called a parachute, since, in fact, the external similarity is obvious. The principle of disclosing the net is similar to a parachute, but in addition, there is also the possibility, without assistance, to remove this net from the reservoir with the fish. Such an operation can be performed even independently, without outside help. This became a real find for inexperienced hauls because the casting became available several meters. It is enough to raise the circle with the load and throw it forward while doing unwinding in the air. From such torsion, the net itself will open at the right time and will make it possible to open for immersion to the required depth. 

At the same time, thanks to lead sinkers, the net will rise to the desired depth, pulling the threads for a further catch of fish. You can talk about the benefits for an infinitely long time, but we recommend that you just try the casting net with the ring at work once and see for yourself.

Characteristics Cargo - Lead (External); Material - Kapron 0.45mm;   Structure. Type - American; Mesh - 16mm

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Кастинговая сеть с кольцом Ø4м яч.16мм (Нить)

  • Product Code: Кастинговая сеть с кольцом Ø4м яч.16мм (Нить)
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 1,700.00 грн.


Кастинговая сеть с кольцом Ø4м яч.16мм (Нить)

Кастинговая сеть с кольцом Ø4м яч.16мм (Нить)

Casting net with a large moving ring - the best choice Parachute with a big ring  &n..

1,700.00 грн.