Net for fishing, drag, ravings - it is called differently


If you have to fish in shallow water, you need to stock up on such gear as dragnet (net or fishing trail). It is a net web that has a pocket (guzar) in the central part, attached to two wings - the right and left. On the upper part, the device is supplemented with floats made of polystyrene foam, and on the bottom - lead sinkers. In order for the fishing ditch to freely balance between the surface of the water and the bottom, sinkers and floats must necessarily balance each other. Otherwise, the tackle will either come up or sink.

How to fish with a drag?

Fishing net is relevant throughout all seasons of the year. The advantages of autumn-winter fishing using this gear are related to the absence of floating vegetation in the water, which by this time is already sinking. Thus, on the way for fishermen moving the drag, there will be no barriers.

The dragnet for fishing is thrown into the water and transported by pull ropes towards the shore, collecting fish on its way. This process looks like this: "cutting" the water space between the bottom and the surface, the tackle creates a mesh wall that does not allow livestock to the bottom - one eventually floats into a recess in the nylon fishing net (pocket), from which it cannot get out. As the trail moves toward the shore, the trapped fish is transported along with it. This principle of fishing is called strainer. 

What net to buy?

Fishing ravings are presented in many variations. A novice fisherman will have to deal with the question of how to choose the right gear. We bring to your attention several useful recommendations:

  •  for small fish you should buy a small mesh net (up to 14 mm);
  •  cells from 15 to 20 mm in size are suitable for the extraction of medium and large varieties;
  •  for amateur fishing, it will be enough nylon fishing net with a height of not more than 1.5 m and a length of 6 m;
  •  for fishing on an industrial scale, you can buy a dragnet with a net cloth reaching a length of up to 200 m, and a height of up to 2.5 m;
  •  if fishing is planned on the river, where there are sharp bends and turns, you should give preference to a gear of a multi-winged structure;
  •  for fishing in other bodies of water, you can buy a dodger fishing dagger.

Do not neglect the rules for caring for gear. After use, it must be cleaned, washed and dried in a place protected from direct sunlight. it is better to store it in a suspended form, being ware of damage to the net by rodents, the invasion of which is possible due to fish smell. 

Why is dies popular?

There are several reasons for this. All of them characterize tackle on the positive side. Among the advantages that dragnet is famous for fishing are:

  • prolonged use;
  •  resistance to wear;
  •  universality (fishing in various reservoirs, in any volumes and throughout the whole year);
  •  clear application principle;
  •  lack of large expenditures of physical effort;
  •  easy care;
  •  rational value;
  •  various combinations of gear parameters.

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Characteristics Cargo - Lead (External); Material - Kapron 0.8mm; Structure. Type - With pocket

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Dragnet, net, drag 30 meters (Pocket 10m) Ø20mm

  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: Бредень, невод, волок 30 метров (Карман 10м) Ø20мм
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  • 4,200.00 грн.


Dragnet, net, drag 30 meters (Pocket 10m) Ø20mm

Dragnet, net, drag 30 meters (Pocket 10m) Ø20mm

Net for fishing, drag, ravings - it is called differently If you have to fish in shallow wate..

4,200.00 грн.