Fishing Dragnet 15 meters - the golden mean



Among the huge assortment of modern fishing tackle, despite the proliferation of many innovative devices, fishing ravings do not lose their relevance. It has a long history and is the equipment that appeared among the first intended to supply people with food. What is the secret of product popularity? 

What elements does tackle consist of and how to use it?

Dragnet, net, fishing drag - these are all the names of the same device designed to organize fishing in shallow waters. It belongs to a number of "filtering" gear. It consists of left and right wings, to which a mesh web with a central pocket for prey (guzira) is attached. Used this way:

  • for starters, the fishing dash unfolds and is thrown into a pond in a horizontal position;
  • keeping afloat, dragnet creates a kind of the wall of mesh between the bottom and the surface of the water;
  • fishermen, holding a net for special grips, move it to the shore;
  • the fish, which is located above the net, cannot dive to the bottom. She swims into a trap - a special central pocket, and moves in the same direction as the fishermen;
  • near the shore or boat, the drag rises from the water, and the production that has got into the net also ends up outside the reservoir.

To keep the fishing net afloat, large foam floats and lead sinkers are attached to the structure. To this end, their weight is balanced. If the balance is disturbed, the tackle will lose its functionality. 

Dragnet is used for fishing year-round, including in the autumn-winter season. The product is made of a kapron net-sheet, tear-resistant, able to move without problems even along the thick-walled bottom. In the event of damage to the grid, it can easily be restored independently. 

With its help, seine fishing in various water bodies - rivers, factories, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, etc. It is distinguished by its ability to cover large areas of underwater space, and therefore guarantees a stable catch. 

Which product to choose?

If you are going to buy a fishing ravine, you need to determine clearly what type of gear you need: 

  • To obtain large or medium production, you should choose tackle with large cells in the grid (15-20 mm). Such a net, when wet, will have significantly less weight than with a fine mesh (up to 14 mm). Nevertheless, if you plan to catch a small fish, you need to purchase a fine net;
  • for catching in small volumes, it will be enough to tackle a length of 6 m and a height of about 1.5-2 m; to get fish on an industrial scale, it is better to buy large-sized dragons - in height from 2 m and in length - up to 200 m;

  • if you plan to fish in a pond with steep bends and turns, the versatile design will be the best option. In other cases, you can use a winged.

If you decide to buy a fishing drag, you should not forget about the rules for tackle care, namely: thorough cleaning after use, drying (but not the sun to avoid drying out and scattering of the net) and storage in a suspended state.

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Characteristics Груз - Свинцовый (Наружный); Материал - Капрон 0.8мм; Строение. Тип - С карманом

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Dragnet, net, drag 15 meters (Pocket 5m) Ø20mm

  • Product Code: Бредень, невод, волок 15 метров (Карман 5м) Ø20мм
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  • 2,250.00 грн.


Dragnet, net, drag 15 meters (Pocket 5m) Ø20mm

Dragnet, net, drag 15 meters (Pocket 5m) Ø20mm

Fishing Dragnet 15 meters - the golden mean  Among the huge assortment of modern fishing..

2,250.00 грн.