Dragnet, net, fishing drag


Every fan of fishing in the arsenal of gear should find a place for such a device as dragnet (net or fishing drag). This product managed to receive positive reviews and well-deserved recognition both among amateur fishers and among those engaged in commercial fishing. Appearing several centuries ago, the fiber retained its relevance in the 21st century, bringing the owner a stable large catch. 

How is tackle arranged?

Fishing ravings are nets that throw in shallow water. The design of gear is typical and includes such components: 

  • a guzzler or mesh pocket;
  • drives or so-called wings (2 pcs.), to which the guzzle is attached;
  • polystyrene floats, the function of which is to ensure that gear is pulled out of the reservoir;
  • lead sinkers, the purpose of which is to create conditions for the movement of the dragger underwater;
  • draft ropes or fishing lines with which anglers transport tackle and pull it ashore into the boat.

          The fishing rod is extremely easy to care for and store when not in use. The tackle needs to be thoroughly cleaned immediately after use and in subsequent drying. In order to avoid drying out of the net, the owner of the draper must ensure that it does not succumb to direct sunlight. The optimal conditions for drying the gear is a shadow or partial shade.

After performing these procedures, the fishing rod must be carefully folded and hung in the utility room. If this recommendation is neglected, there is a risk that a distinct fish smell will attract small rodents that will damage the tackle. 

How to use a net during fishing?

Dragnet for fishing is used all year round depending on the type and purity of the reservoir. But the optimal period for its use is considered to be autumn-winter when the likelihood of entanglement of tackle in aquatic vegetation is reduced.

The unfolded fishing net is thrown into the water. Located in a horizontal position, it blocks the space between the bottom and the surface of the reservoir. In the process of transportation by fishermen, tackle collects fish in its pocket, preventing its movement to the bottom. Thus, the entire catch moves with the gear towards the coast. 

Varieties of drags and recommendations for their choice

Fishermen who decided to buy a net are faced with the question of how to choose the right gear. To do this, decide on such factors: 

  • In which pond are you planning to fish? If it is a reservoir, a pond, a lake, then the preference should be given to an equal-winged modification of the net. For fishing on the river with sharp turns, variegated variations of tackle have been specially created. If you buy a dragnet of this type, you can easily maneuver on the go;
  • What is the expected catch volume? For amateur fishing, in order to obtain prey for home consumption, a nylon fishing net of 6 m long will suffice. If there is a purpose to buy a fishing fiber for industrial fishing then gears with a net reaching 200 m in length will become the best option;
  • What kind of fish will the “hunt” be organized for? If these are large and medium varieties, then you can purchase tackle with a large mesh. Otherwise, it is necessary to stock up on a net with a finer mesh.

In addition to these parameters, it is important to take into account the type of thread from which the net fabric is made. The best option is hand-made kapron threads. Their advantage is the maximum service life and the ability to restore it yourself with a fisherman.

Buying a net in Ukraine at an affordable cost is a reality for every fishing enthusiast. Our online store offers a wide range of gears that can satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Characteristics Cargo - Lead (External); Material - Kapron 0.8mm; Structure. Type - With pocket

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Dragnet, net, drag 10 meters (Pocket 4m) Ø20mm

  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: Бредень, невод, волок 10 метров (Карман 4м) Ø20мм
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  • 1,550.00 грн.


Dragnet, net, drag 10 meters (Pocket 4m) Ø20mm

Dragnet, net, drag 10 meters (Pocket 4m) Ø20mm

Dragnet, net, fishing drag Every fan of fishing in the arsenal of gear should find a place for ..

1,550.00 грн.