Three-wall fishing net H6, 4.7m at 80m


Fishing nets, having appeared in ancient times, were rapidly gaining popularity. Over the centuries, their design and materials used for manufacturing have been repeatedly improved, and the range of models has expanded. Nowadays, you can purchase equipment suitable for catching fish of different sizes and in various reservoirs, suitable for night and day fishing. One of the leading places in the number of such tackle is occupied by the net-muddle.

Advantages of fishing gear

For the manufacture of this three-walled net, a synthetic nylon fabric of the highest class was used. In the range there are variations of gear with fishing line thickness from 0.18 to 0.28 mm. Nylon differs from alternative materials in increased strength, resistance to natural factors and mechanical damage.

When weaving a net, double knot technology is applied. Such a technical solution is a guarantee of tensile strength, reliable fixation of meshes and maintainability of the net web.

The parameters for this net are as follows:

·          100 m - length;

·          5 m - height;

·          50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 80, 90, 100 mm - mesh diameters available for purchase.

The presented the net was made by the eastern producer Do-Yu, who became famous in many Western countries. One of the brand’s calling cards is the presence of 2 strobes on a three-wall net, which delimit the net fabric and cut it into 3 parts. Due to this, the equipment’s catchability increases several times, compared with those nets in which there is only 1 strobe or such a step is completely absent.

The net is painted white, which is not a deterrent to fish.

Powerful polypropylene top floats and large lead sinkers were used as equipment. Due to this, the net can be used for fishing both in quiet backwaters and in fast-flowing water bodies. The strength characteristics of the tackle allow it to withstand a large weight of prey, consisting, for example, of white fish.

What Do we offer?

In the online store "Sete Snasti" you can buy a fishing net quickly and without extra expenses from your personal budget. During its work, our company has won the recognition of many customers with whom it has established cooperation on an ongoing basis. We are preferred because we offer:

·          goods at producer prices: we carry out direct deliveries of products, without involving intermediary companies, therefore we do not make any extra charges;

·          Delivery to all Ukrainian regions: we can arrange the sending of your parcel to the address indicated in the application through the services of "New Mail". If you want to receive an order at a branch of another transport the company, you need to coordinate this issue with the managers of the online store;

·          2-week warranty: during this time, you can return a product that did not suit you, or exchange products with a defect found for a similar or other position from our catalog;

·          favorable discounts: we have a system of cumulative bonus points. They can be obtained for any purchased goods, and at the next purchase, use for partial payment of the order;

·          free consultations: if you have any questions, you can ask their professional managers over the phone.

Remember: the use of fishing nets is allowed only for commercial fishing. According to the norms of the current Ukrainian legislation, the use of such equipment for amateur fishing is punishable. Neither the online store nor its team is responsible for the actions of dishonest buyers.

Characteristics Height - 5 meters; Cargo - Crimp lead; Material - Fishing Line

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Three-wall fishing net 4.7x80m Ø50mm - 100mm (Sewn load)

  • Product Code: Сеть трёхстенная 4.7х80м Ø50мм - 100мм (Вшитый груз)
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Three-wall fishing net 4.7x80m Ø50mm - 100mm (Sewn load)

Three-wall fishing net 4.7x80m Ø50mm - 100mm (Sewn load)

 Three-wall fishing net H6, 4.7m at 80m   Fishing nets, having appeared in ancient ..

1,700.00 грн.