Three-wall fishing net (Сaprone) 1.6x40m

Many experienced fishermen choose the three-walled grid. And not in vain. Such networks are more durable and will serve you for more than one season. In addition, the probability of a large catch is increased significantly.

Three-walled mesh is made in the form of a particle and two paintings (mantle). Due to the fact that the mantle is shorter than the main canvas, the fish trapped in the trap can no longer get out. The functions of each element of this net are different. The traction canvas helps entangle fish in the mesh. Partial's job is to catch animals by the gills.

The advantage of this three-walled grid is the сaprone thread from which the middle fabric is made (Cut is made of fishing line). Kapron nets are more reliable, more durable and can withstand more weight than its counterparts from fishing line.

  •  Height - 1,6m
  •  It is long - 40m
  •  White color 

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Characteristics Height - 1.6 meters; Cargo - Crimp lead; Material - Caprone

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Three-walled fishing net (Caprone) 1.6x40m Ø25mm - 70mm.

  • Product Code: Сеть трёхстенная (Капроновая) 1.6х40м Ø25мм - 70мм.
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  • 350.00 грн.

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Three-walled fishing net (Caprone) 1.6x40m Ø25mm - 70mm.

Three-walled fishing net (Caprone) 1.6x40m Ø25mm - 70mm.

Three-wall fishing net (Сaprone) 1.6x40mMany experienced fishermen choose the three-walled grid. An..

350.00 грн.