Three-wall fishing net N9, 1.6mx40m (Lead load)


Buying a fishing net is a very responsible task. Despite the fact that such tackle is distinguished by high catchability and a 100% guarantee of production, you should still carefully approach the choice of its modification. It is necessary to focus on the type of reservoir, its depth, the nature of the vegetation, and the flow rate. One cannot ignore the size of the fish for which the "opening of the hunt" is planned. Only taking into account the above criteria, you can count on really productive fishing on an industrial scale.

On the use of nets in Ukraine at the legislative level, a restriction has been established. Its goal is to protect the environment and bioresources. The use of these gears is strictly prohibited for amateur fishing. Violation of the law will be followed by an appropriate measure of punishment, depending on the amount of harm caused. Responsibility in full is borne by dishonest net users.

What features and advantages does the net have?

By its design, it is a three-walled net, the height of which is 1.8 m, and the length is 50 m. The gear consists of two net webs. The first - central (or internal) - has a fine mesh. The second in the form of two cuts is located on the sides and has a large cell diameter. The advantages of a three-wall are that it provides the ability to simultaneously catch fish of any size and weight, unlike a single-wall.

Net-canvas made of synthetic material - nylon. It is distinguished against the background of its analogs by high strength, ability to withstand large mechanical loads and environmental factors without damage. Therefore, nylon nets are famous for their durability. You can purchase equipment with a fishing line thickness of the network web from 0.12 to 0.20 mm.

The tackle presented on this page of the catalog is a product of Do Yu Company, which for more than 15 years of its presence in the fishing equipment market has gained well-deserved authority not only in eastern but also in western countries. The three-wall net is characterized by such specific features:

·         use in the design of the original Do-Yu codol;

·         the use of a crimp load of lead shot, carefully hidden in a braid, not able to get lost or tangled in a net cloth;

·         use of double knot technology for weaving.

The white net is ideal for industrial fishing at any time of the day, remaining virtually invisible in water, without scaring off fish. The restriction on the use of the tri-wall is the place of water bodies where a strong current is observed. 

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Our team consists of qualified employees who have been dealing with fishing tackle for more than 10 years. Over such a long time, they managed to accumulate a huge amount of knowledge about fishing gear, materials for their manufacture, as well as study the needs of customers. If you need help in choosing equipment for industrial fishing, call our managers and get comprehensive answers to all questions - the service is free.

Characteristics Height - 1.8 meters; Cargo - Crimp lead; Material - Fishing Line

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Three-wall fishing net 1.6x40m Ø25mm - 80mm (Lead free cargo)

  • Product Code: Сеть трёхстенная 1.6х40м Ø25мм - 80мм (Свинцов. груз)
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  • 320.00 грн.

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Three-wall fishing net 1.6x40m Ø25mm - 80mm (Lead free cargo)

Three-wall fishing net 1.6x40m Ø25mm - 80mm (Lead free cargo)

 Three-wall fishing net N9, 1.6mx40m (Lead load) Buying a fishing net is a very responsi..

320.00 грн.