Reinforced fishing net with integrated weight


For more than a dozen years, professional fishermen have agreed that buying a fishing net is the best option to simplify the fishing process itself, as well as an effective way to ensure guaranteed production in large volumes. Not for nothing that nets have long been considered the “breadwinners” for entire families and have been widely used by residents of settlements located near water bodies to provide food.

Modern Ukrainian legislation strictly regulates the use of such fishing gear. Today, the Law of Ukraine No. 3677-17, adopted on July 8, 2011, under the title "On Fisheries, Industrial Fishing and the Protection of Aquatic Biological Resources of Ukraine", is in force. It states that the use of nets for fair purposes for amateur fishing in ponds of any type is considered poaching. Therefore, if you are going to purchase tackle for this purpose, be prepared for the fact that your actions will be regarded as a violation of the law, which will be followed by an appropriate measure of punishment. The online store is not responsible for the illegal use of industrial fishing gear. 

What is a reinforced single-wall net?

The design that single-wall gear has is as follows. This is trapezoidal equipment, consisting of a net web, two codol and equipment. A synthetic fishing line made of high-strength nylon was used for the manufacture of the net canvas. This enhances the reliability of the gear, guarantees its ability to withstand high loads (large fish, for example, grass carp, silver carp, etc.).

The nylon net web is planted on codolas and secured with upper and lower cords made of polypropylene. The lower codol is longer than the upper, which provides the net with a trapezoid shape.

The equipment consists of sinkers and floats. Lead weights, they are located on the bottom of the fishing gear, sewn into the cord, so the net has become much more convenient to use (there is no risk of tangling the load in the canvas and algae, the risk of its falling off and loss is reduced). The floats are located on the top, made of polypropylene. Both components of the equipment balance each other and allow the net to be vertically in the water.

The assortment of the online store presents such variations of the reinforced single-wall net:

• with a fishing line thickness from 0.28 to 0.35 mm;

• with mesh diameters of 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 mm.

Standard Features: 80m long and 2.2m high.

Nylon fishing net painted blue. Thanks to this shade, it becomes invisible to potential production in water, does not scare it away. Well suited for both day and night industrial fishing.

Advantages of buying at “Sete Snasti”

If you need a fishing net, you can buy tackle from us on favorable terms. Thanks to direct deliveries from manufacturers, the products in our assortment are free from mark-ups. High quality combined with financial availability are the main features of the online store assortment. In addition, the industrial single-wall hardened net is characterized by:

• elasticity and tensile strength;

• resistance to saltwater;

• ability to withstand the influence of ultraviolet radiation;

• non-susceptibility to damage under the influence of sudden changes in temperature indicators.

To purchase gear, just place an electronic order on the site. We will provide delivery to any settlement in Ukraine by transport and logistics companies. Contact our managers for advice - the service is absolutely free. For regular customers, there is a nice bonus - a system of cumulative points, which allows you to receive significant discounts.

Characteristics Height - 2.2 meters; Cargo - Sewn into a cord; Material - Fishing Line

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Single-wall fishing net 2.2m by 80m Reinforced (Sewn load)

  • Product Code: Сеть рыболовная одностенная 2.2м на 80м Усиленная (Вшитый груз)
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Single-wall fishing net 2.2m by 80m Reinforced (Sewn load)

Single-wall fishing net 2.2m by 80m Reinforced (Sewn load)

 Reinforced fishing net with integrated weight For more than a dozen years, professional..

540.00 грн.