Caprone fishing net

 For many centuries, fishing nets have been known as effective fishing gear that can provide guaranteed fishing. Today in our country, their use is strictly regulated at the legislative level. So, on July 8, 2011, the Verkhovna Rada adopted law No. 3677-17, which was called “On Fisheries, Industrial Fishing, and the Protection of Aquatic Biological Resources of Ukraine”. According to its provisions, fishing nets may be used exclusively for commercial fishing.

If you intend to purchase a net for amateur fishing, be prepared for the fact that its use will be classified as an illegal act, entailing punishment. The online store "Sete Snasti" warns that responsibility for this in 100% of the amount falls on the shoulders of the lawbreaker.

H20 single wall net: design features and variety of assortment

Single-wall caprone nets, also known as "single-wall" or "gills", got this name due to their specific design. The tackle is a trapezoidal net fabric made of caprone, planted on two rebounds: the lower one is longer, and the upper one is shorter (hence the trapezoid shape). Landing is made using cords made of polypropylene.

Lead shot weights and foam floats are used as accessories. Balancing each other, they provide tackle the opportunity to settle down vertically in the water - without surfacing to the surface of the reservoir, and without going to its bottom.

The technical characteristics of the single-wall net of the presented model are as follows:

  •         the thickness of the kapron filament is net-canvas - 0.30 mm (29x3 tex.);
  •          height - 1.8 m;
  •          length - 80 m;
  •          mesh diameter - 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 80 mm.

It is necessary to choose a cell, focusing on the size of the intended catch: the larger the fish, the larger the cell is acceptable for it, and vice versa. Kapron thread has three-strand weaving, which means that the net can be attributed to the class of reinforced gear, i.e., possessing increased strength and able to withstand large prey (grass carp, etc.). Net canvas painted white, almost imperceptibly in the water, so it does not deter fish. 

“Sete Snasti”: a territory of low prices and high-quality gear

We offer to buy a caprone fishing net in a couple of clicks - add it to your basket, fill out an online application and receive your order in the near future, forgetting about long trips to city specialized stores. Our advantages:

  •          high-quality products: the Do-Yu company is the manufacturer of the single-wall net H20, which has become famous in the market of fishing tackle not only in Asia but also in many Western countries;
  •         reasonable prices: we make direct deliveries of fishing gear from manufacturers, which allows us to save on intermediaries, and therefore not to make unjustified markups on goods;
  •          wide assortment: we monitor the timely replenishment of gear supplies, as well as the expansion of the product line. All presented models are available, and their cost indicated in the catalog are relevant;
  •          loyalty programs: the online store practices a system of cumulative bonus points that are awarded for each product purchased. Regular customers at each next purchase can, paying them, receive significant discounts;

Delivery to all regions of Ukraine: we will arrange the shipment of goods by “New Mail” to the address of the nearest branch to you. If necessary, we can send the order to other transport and logistics companies by prior arrangement.

Get high-quality nets from a reliable manufacturer and be sure that they will not lose their operational properties for a long time.

Characteristics Height - 1.8 meters; Cargo - Sewn into a cord; Material - Kapron

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Single-wall fishing net 1.8m by 80m (Caprone)

  • Product Code: Сеть рыболовная одностенная 1.8м на 80м (Капрон)
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Single-wall fishing net 1.8m by 80m (Caprone)

Single-wall fishing net 1.8m by 80m (Caprone)

 Caprone fishing net For many centuries, fishing nets have been known as effective fishi..

395.06 грн.