Single net fishing net with standard load


The net is a fishing tackle, without which today fishing on an industrial scale is not complete. This device has been popular for many centuries, as it guarantees high fishing productivity, is easy to use and budget cost. Single-walled nets for fishing as a kind of net materials are used by professionals in the mass course of potential fishing. 

Single Wall Net: Design Features

Single-wall nets are often called single-wall nets, gills, fixed grids. They are made in this way: the net fabric is planted in two sets, among which the lower one is longer than the upper one by 1-3 m. As a result, the tackle resembles a trapezoid in shape. The lower part of the fishing gear is equipped with sinkers and the upper - with floats that balance each other. Due to this, the net can be kept afloat in an upright position, does not sink and does not completely float to the surface of the reservoir.

On this page of the electronic catalog,  “Sete Snasti” online store offers to purchase tackle from the world-famous Do-Yu brand, which has rightfully earned its popularity in the domestic and foreign markets of fishing gear. Single-wall net H10 has the following characteristics:

  •          material for a net cloth - a line from nylon;
  •          material for cords (upper and lower) - polypropylene;
  •         material for cargo - lead;
  •          fishing line thickness - from 0.12 to 0.20 mm;
  •          mesh diameter: 20, 22, 25, 27, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 mm;
  •          single-wall net height - 1.7 m;
  •          gear length - 70 m;
  •          net color is white.

Due to the white color of the fishing line from which the net is made, the tackle is invisible in water, it does not deter fish, and is suitable for use in any water body. The wide range of cell sizes and thickness of the fishing line allows you to choose the most optimal version of the fishing gear, which will fully correspond to the size and weight of the planned harvest. 

The advantages of a single-wall net H10 from the company Do-Yu

The ever-increasing popularity of gear is provided by the following advantages:

  •          resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  •          ability to withstand temperature changes;
  •          resistance to the influence of salts contained in water;
  •         elasticity and non-susceptibility to mechanical damage;
  •          compact due to optimal size;
  •         unpretentiousness regarding care and storage;
  •          the budget price for single-wall fishing nets, the purchase of which through the Internet does not provide for any overpayments for the brand and logistics.

Note! Nets for fishing are gear, the use of which is permissible only for the organization of industrial fishing. The use of the device for private purposes is classified as one of the varieties of poaching and is punishable by law. Responsibility for violation of the norms of the law in full lies on the shoulders of persons who resorted to the unlawful use of nets. 

Profitable purchase with the online store "Sete Snasti"

If you have decided on the net option that best meets the fishing conditions, you can fill out an electronic application on our website and send it to us with one click of a computer mouse. Sete Snasti company guarantees:

  •          quick processing and assembly of the order;
  •          delivery to all regions of Ukraine by transport and logistics companies;
  •          loyal pricing policy and the absence of “markups” on the cost of goods presented in the catalog;

Providing free professional advice from qualified phone managers. Make an order without leaving your home or office and get the maximum savings in personal time and money.

Characteristics Height - 1.7 meters; Cargo - Crimp lead; Material - Fishing Line

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Single-wall fishing net 1.7m by 80m (Lead free cargo)

  • Product Code: Сеть рыболовная одностенная 1.7м на 80м (Свинцов. груз)
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Single-wall fishing net 1.7m by 80m (Lead free cargo)

Single-wall fishing net 1.7m by 80m (Lead free cargo)

Single net fishing net with standard load The net is a fishing tackle, without which today fis..

320.00 грн.