Single-wall fishing net (40m length) with lead load


The fishing net is one of the most common tools used for large-scale industrial fishing. Ease of use, unpretentious care, as well as the ability to ensure guaranteed production in large volumes are the key to the popularity of tackle. Among the many variations of net materials, single-walled nets, which can give a good catch during a mass fish course, deserve recognition.


What is a single-wall net?

This is a trapezoidal net-set, which is planted on two rebounds - upper and lower. The length of the lower pick is often 1-3 times longer than the top one. In order for the tackle to be placed underwater in a vertical position, without surfacing completely and without going to the bottom, it is equipped with weighting loads from below and floats from above. A single-walled net is known in the world of fishing under the names “gill”, “net-wall”, “fixed net”, “single-wall”. 

The single-walled net presented in the catalog of the “Sete Snasti” online store from the manufacturer with a world name Do-Yu is characterized by the following parameters: 

  •          the material of which the net is made: nylon fishing line;
  •          material from which the upper and lower cords are made: polypropylene;
  •          the available thickness of the fishing line: from 0.14 to 0.18 mm;
  •          tackle height: 1.7 m;
  •          net length: 40 m;
  •          color of a net cloth: white;
  •          material for sinker: lead shot;
  •          available cell size: 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 mm.

If you are interested in the fishing net presented in the catalog, you can buy a variation of it that is most suitable for fishing conditions and the size of the potential catch. The larger the fish you are going to “open the hunt for”, the more mesh and thickness of the fishing the line will be required so that the net can withstand the load without damage.


 What are the advantages of tackle?

The Do-Yu single-wall fishing net has a range of advantages that provide a stable high demand for a tackle. The main advantages of the device include: 

  •          relatively small footage, which guarantees a compact gear;
  •          high-quality synthetic materials resistant to ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, salts in water, mechanical damage;
  •          ease of use, care, and storage;
  •          affordable cost combined with high performance.

“Sete Snasti”  warns! The gear is intended for use solely for the purpose of mass industrial fishing. The use of equipment by amateur fishermen to catch fish in reservoirs of any type, in accordance with the norms of Ukrainian legislation, will be regarded as poaching, for which the online store is not responsible.


 How to buy a single-wall fishing net?

To buy a fishing net, just fill out the electronic form on our website and send a request to us. The managers of the online store guarantee the speed of processing applications, preparing and sending orders to all regions of the country, without exception. We sell the products available in the assortment without extra charges, which makes it available to all categories of customers.

If you have any doubts about the correct choice of fishing gear, take the opportunity to get a free consultation by telephone. Our experts have many years of experience in the sale of fishing tackle, so they will provide professional assistance.

Characteristics Height - 1.7 метра; Cargo - Crimp lead; Material - Fishing line

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Single-wall fishing net 1.7x40m

  • Product Code: Рыболовная сеть одностенная 1.7х40м
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Single-wall fishing net 1.7x40m

Single-wall fishing net 1.7x40m

Single-wall fishing net (40m length) with lead load   The fishing net is one of the most ..

200.00 грн.