• Collapsible arcs on the spider 2.5x2.5 (Improved.)

Collapsible arches for a spider 2,5х2,5 (Polymeric covering)



The fact that you need to buy arches for a fishing spider 2.5m from a thread or from a fishing line is a question that both professionals and beginners encounter, who have decided to make or improve tackle. Polymer-coated collapsible products are becoming increasingly popular in the domestic market, as they have many advantages over standard ones:

  • compactness facilitating the convenience of transportation and storage;
  • ultra-high-strength;
  • greater resistance to corrosion under the influence of environmental factors;
  • low price.

Those who decided to use coated arcs, from personal experience, managed to make sure that they are able to last three times longer than steel products without a protective coating.


The technology of coating steel with a polymer layer

Spider arcs are sprayed using military technology developed, tested and used by specialists from the tank factory in Kharkiv. The manufacturing process of components was under the control of a master who has more than 30 years of experience and knows firsthand the finer points of welding and metal surface treatment. In this regard, products are rightfully considered to be one of the best in the Ukrainian market of fishing tackle and materials for their production. 

The polymer coating is carried out thermally and leads to the appearance of the thinnest film on the metal, which can reduce to zero the possibility of moisture affecting the steel and its further oxidation. The arc coating primer common today is not providing 100% corrosion protection, unlike the polymer layer.


 Product Parameters

In the electronic catalog of the online store "Sete Tackle", you can get sets consisting of four collapsible arcs and one cross. The set contains arcs for a fishing spider 2.5x2.5 m in size. This is a working parameter that does not indicate the length of each arc but describes the dimensions of the fishing gear that was obtained after installation. Accordingly, in order to equip the equipment completely, you should also use a net-canvas with a size of 2.5x2.5 m.

 The full length of the arcs from this kit are 2.2 m, and when folded - 1.15 m. Products have the form of steel rods with a diameter of:

  •  0.6 cm - in the area closest to the cross;
  • 0.5 cm in the rest.

The material for its manufacture was Steel 70, a high-quality metal used for the manufacture of springs, springs and other details, the main properties of which should be elasticity and wear resistance.

 Buying ready-made sets is more profitable than buying arcs and crosses separately. Since in this case the diameter of the arcs will be 100% equal to the diameter of the hole of the cross and the fishing spider made using them will become solid and reliable equipment.

How to equip a spider with arcs?

The design of the spider for fishing involves the use of four arcs at the same time. The lower end they enter the corner holes at the base of the stop-lift. With their help, the net web is held on tackle. The upper end of each product must be inserted into the hole in the crosspiece. As a result, all four arcs for the spider will be assembled into a common vertex.

Attention! If during the manufacturing or updating of a spider you notice that in order to insert arcs into the holes intended for this, you need to apply considerable physical force, or, on the contrary, they stagger and slip out, this is the first sign of incorrect selection of components.


Spider fishing

If you fish with a spider, you must first select the desired prey and fishing location. Depending on the type of fish you want to catch, you need to choose the right net. Small varieties require the use of a net with small diameter cells, and large ones are suitable for large ones.

When deciding on a fishing place, you should remember the golden rule: a spider is a tackle for mass catches, therefore it should be placed where potential prey is collected in large quantities. Such zones are: 

  • at hydraulic structures;
  • in places of spawning;
  • near bottom obstacles;
  • in quiet backwaters located next to the rapids.

Having chosen the necessary zone of the reservoir, you should make sure that the bottom within it is completely flat. Only barely noticeable slopes are permissible. Otherwise, the spider may roll over, slip, and all the efforts of the fisherman will be reduced to zero.

Submerge the tackle underwater for a certain period of time (about 10 minutes) and regularly raise it to get prey. It is convenient to lift from a pier or bridge with a rope, especially if the equipment itself is small, and from a boat or shore using a reliable pole. The advantage of a spider is to ensure guaranteed production in large volumes when fulfilling the above requirements for the organization of fishing.


Why is it profitable to buy collapsible improved arcs from us?

The company "Sete Tackle" provides its potential and regular customers the opportunity to make a profitable purchase, because:

  •  we have a system of accumulative points for all categories of goods that can be used to pay for a purchase, thus receiving a discount;
  • we do not practice margins on products, we maintain a balanced pricing policy, which makes gear and accessories available for all categories of customers;
  • our company is glad to cooperate with customers from all regions of the country, therefore, it sends orders by “New Mail” or, by agreement with the client, another transport company to any settlement;
  • managers of the online the store is always ready to provide professional assistance in choosing the right product, providing a free consultation by phone;
  • it is possible to buy from us, arcs for a spider folding wholesale, previously having specified wholesale prices in a telephone mode.

There is no longer any need to save financial resources to the detriment of the quality of gear and materials for them – “Sete Tackle” managed to find a middle ground between these indicators.

Characteristics Complete set - 4 folding arches, a crosspiece; Material - Steel 70-G (spring); Coating - Polymer; The size of the arcs - 2.5x2.5 meters

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Collapsible arcs on the spider 2.5x2.5 (Improved.)

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Collapsible arcs on the spider 2.5x2.5 (Improved.)

Collapsible arcs on the spider 2.5x2.5 (Improved.)

Collapsible arches for a spider 2,5х2,5 (Polymeric covering)  The fact that you need to b..

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