• Collapsible arches on the spider 2x2 (Improved.)

Collapsible arches on the spider 2x2 (Polymeric covering)



If you want to build a 2-by-2-meter fishing spider on your own from a fishing line or from a thread, except for the web, you will need components such as arcs with a cross. In the modern market of gear, materials, and accessories for their manufacture, a rich assortment of these products is presented. They differ in size and raw materials, which are taken as the basis for their production. In our online store, you can buy a steel arc on the spider with improved performance and longer life due to the presence of polymer on the surface.


Why do I need a polymer coating?

A thin layer of polymer deposited on the arcs protects the product from corrosion. For a spider equipped with such components, fishing is not terrible even in climate in adverse temperature conditions. After all, coated arcs have advantages that distinguish them from standard products:

  •  increased strength characteristics;
  • ability to withstand the negative effects of UV rays;
  • the ability to withstand temperature changes without deformation;
  • resistance to corrosion processes under the influence of salts available in water;
  • balanced cost and availability for all categories of buyers.

As practice shows, the total duration of arcs with a polymer coating is three times higher than that of ordinary steel without a protective coating. This factor indicates the effectiveness of components that can pay off in the coming months with heavy use of the spider and do not require frequent replacement.


How is polymer arc coating?

Each arc is a steel rod with a diameter of 0.5 cm. Thermally applied to the product layer of polymer. As a result, the thinnest protective film invisible to the naked eye appears on the surface of the arc. Its function is to resist direct contact of steel with environmental factors and the prevention of its deformation and destruction under their influence. 

The polymer coating is made according to military technology used at the Kharkiv Tank Plant. The procedure is controlled by an employee with 30 years of experience in the industry. Coating with a protective polymer layer does not cause a decrease in the level of elasticity of steel. All this is a guarantee of the quality of welding, processing of products and ensures the growth of similar products on the Ukrainian market.


Installation of arches on a fishing spider

The design of the gear allows the use of four arcs. The lower edge of each has its own n. It is this side that each arc is inserted into one of the angles of the support-hoist, on which the net web is worn. The arcs allow you to firmly fix the net and thanks to the notch nullify the possibility of its slipping.

 The top edge of each arc enters the central hole on the cross. Thus, all four components are connected at a common peak. It is recommended to purchase spider arcs in sets with crosspieces since in this case, you will not have to worry that the diameter of the arcs themselves will not correspond to the diameter of the holes on the cross.


The range of improved spider arcs in the electronic catalog

The online store "Sete Tackle" presents regular sets of four arcs and one crosspiece to regular and potential customers. You can choose sets with arcs of the following sizes: 

  • 2.5x2.5 (with a total length of 2.2m)
  • 2x2 (with a total length of 1.8 m).

We draw your attention to the fact that the above parameters - 2x2, 2.5x2.5 - are the working sizes that have ready-made spiders for fishing after attaching arcs. Therefore, to equip fishing gear you will need a net canvas of the appropriate parameters, i.e. 2x2, 2.5x2.5.


How to use a fishing spider?

With this fishing tool, you can “hunt” for prey of various sizes - from fry to large fish species. The main thing is to choose the right net fabric. If you plan to capture small production, you should use a net with a mesh of small diameter. For larger individuals, a larger canvas is suitable.

Then you should decide on the place of fishing. Since the spider allows you to catch at the same time a large volume of fish, it is necessary to install it in those places where potential prey accumulates in large quantities. The following zones are considered in water bodies:

  •  spawning places;
  • obstacles in the way of fish;
  • zones at hydraulic structures;
  • backwaters, where there is a slow circular current, located next to the rapids.

It is important to remember that immersing a spider underwater is only in those places where the bottom is completely flat or has a minimum slope. 

Next, you need to determine the time interval through which the lifting of equipment from the reservoir will be made. Often no more than 10 minutes are enough. The technology for its extraction is as follows:

  • in case of fishing from a bridge/pier - using a rope;
  • during fishing from the shore/boat - using a pole with the desired length.

If you adhere to the above recommendations for the use of a spider, you can ensure the capture of a large amount of the desired prey.


Why is it worth buying improved arcs from us?

You can buy arcs for a spider (improved) in a couple of clicks - for this you need to add goods to the basket and then fill out an electronic application. If you still have doubts about the selection of components, you can use the phone numbers provided on the site to get free advice from the managers of the online store. Cooperating with us, you get the opportunity:

  • purchase the necessary goods at a rationally reasonable cost without overpaying for brands and transportation from manufacturers to us;
  • become a member of the loyalty program and earn a discount on products due to accumulated points;
  •  receive your order in any corner of Ukraine at the New Mail branch or another transport and logistics company of your choice;
  • buy collapsible arcs on a spider in bulk.

For detailed information on wholesale prices, please contact the managers of the "Sete Tackle" online store by phone.

Characteristics Complete set - 4 folding arches, a crosspiece; rial - Steel 70-G (spring);  Coating - Polymer;  The size of the arcs - 2x2 meters

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Collapsible arches on the spider 2x2 (Improved.)

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Collapsible arches on the spider 2x2 (Improved.)

Collapsible arches on the spider 2x2 (Improved.)

Collapsible arches on the spider 2x2 (Polymeric covering)  If you want to build a 2-by-2-..

500.00 грн.