Arc for the spider improved 2x2 (Polymeric covering)



Choosing arches for a spider is a task for fishermen who want to make or repair a fishing gear with their own hands. The modern range of components is quite wide. In addition to the parameters, the products differ in the material used for their manufacture. The online store "Sete Tackle" has an advantageous offer for customers who are in search of reliable and relatively inexpensive components - improved arc for a fishing spider protected from corrosion.


What is a polymer?

The material for the production of arcs presented to buyers is a steel bar. Its diameter is 5 mm. A feature of components is the presence of a polymer coating, i.e., a protective layer, specially applied to the surface of products in order to increase their operational characteristics.

This is a thermal process produced by the military technology of the Kharkiv plant. During the procedure, the metal is coated with an ultra-thin film, which prevents the penetration of moisture and oxidation. Thanks to high-quality welding and processing (which are controlled by a master with 30 years of experience!), The spider arcs presented in the catalog fell into the category of the best components available for fishing in the domestic market.


What is the difference between polymer-coated arcs and standard ones?

The presence of a protective layer does not lead to a decrease in the elasticity of steel. Polymer-coated fishing spider arches can be used for fishing in any conditions, including adverse climatic zones, since components have the following advantages:


  • increased level of strength;
  • excellent resistance to external factors: ultraviolet radiation, critically high and low temperatures, saltwater, etc .;
  • higher resistance to corrosion processes;
  • a reasonable price due to the low cost of technology.

Such a corrosion-resistant coating, such as a polymer, can increase the duration of operation of the arcs, compared with standard, almost three times. And this means that there will be no need for their frequent replacement, so the use of such products is much more economical.


What arcs are represented in the assortment of the store?

Components are sold in a set with crosspieces. The finished kit includes one cross and four arcs. The company "Sete Tackle" provides regular and potential customers the opportunity to buy arcs on a spider with the following parameters:


  • Spider 1x1m (arc length - 140 cm);
  • Spider 1.5x1.5 (arc length - 180 cm);
  • Spider 2x2 (arc length - 220 cm).
  • Spider 2.5x2.5 (length of arc 2.2m) (1.15cm when folded)

Attention! All dimensions of the arcs are indicated in working conditions: the numbers 1x1, 1.5x1.5, 2x2 do not describe the length of each arc, but the parameters of the finished spiders after installing components. And this means that the net fabric for gear must be selected in sizes 1x1, 1.5x1.5, 2x2, respectively.


How are arcs mounted on a spider?

At one end (lower), each arc enters the corner hole of the stop-hoist. Thus, the net web is fastened to the base. There is a small notch from this edge on the arc. It provides firm fixation of the net sheet and prevents it from slipping.


The second end (upper) all arcs enter the hole of the cross, connecting at a common peak. The advantage of acquiring arcs in a set with a crosspiece is 100% correspondence of the diameter of the elements to the size of the hole: the arcs will enter it freely (no physical effort is required for installation), but they will not hang out and fall out.


How is spider fishing done?

This tackle serves as a tool for fishing and fry, and fish of large varieties. The smaller the size of the planned production, the finer the mesh should be on the net web. It is recommended to use equipment in those areas of water bodies where fish are concentrated in large quantities: spawning places, obstacles, hydraulic structures, backwaters with a slow circular current, adjacent to the fences. Lower the spider should be on a flat or slightly sloping bottom. 

Tackle lifting is carried out regularly after certain time intervals (for example, 10 minutes). There are several ways to get your gear out of the water. If fishing was carried out using small and medium-sized structures from a bridge or pier, they are pulled out manually using a rope. In the case of fishing from a boat or shore, poles of the required length are used to lift the equipment. Fishing spider is able to provide guaranteed catch in large volumes.

Arc acquisition conditions

In our online store, you can buy arcs for a spider (with a polymer coating) by placing an order directly on the website or by phone, contact the managers of the company. The advantages that our customers receive are:


  • free consultation of store employees regarding a product selection;
  • customer loyalty programs (cumulative points system that allows you to get a discount on the product);
  • organization of delivery by transport companies to all regions of Ukraine;
  • lack of margins, and, therefore, the need to overpay for the brand and logistics.

We provide the opportunity to purchase sets of arcs not only at retail but also in bulk. To clarify the wholesale prices for components, please contact the managers at the telephone number listed on the site.

 Evaluate the advantages of domestic components for fishing tools on your own experience without risk 

Characteristics Complete set - 4 whole arches, a crosspiece; Material - Steel 70-G (spring); Coating - Polymer; The size of the arcs - 1x1 meter

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Arc on a spider 2x2 (Superior)

  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: Дуги для паука 2*2 м. проволка Ø5мм (Улучшенные)
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  • 437.00 грн.


Arc on a spider 2x2 (Superior)

Arc on a spider 2x2 (Superior)

Arc for the spider improved 2x2 (Polymeric covering)  Choosing arches for a spider is a ta..

437.00 грн.