Arches for the spider improved 1.5х1.5 (Polymeric covering)



Buying arcs for a spider is a responsible task, the implementation of which requires maximum care in the selection process. The modern range of products is extremely wide. You must choose components that are not only inexpensive but at the same time practical and durable. Online store "Sete Tackle" offers to purchase arcs with improved properties due to the polymer coating. To use the arcs, you need a canvas for fishing spider 1.5x1.5 from a fishing line or from a thread. 


Purpose of polymer coating

Arc coating with zinc is a technology for creating an anti-corrosion layer on the surface of the steel. The advantages of such products over standard ones:

  • higher strength;
  • ability to withstand without the slightest damage the effects of salts in water, ultraviolet rays, adverse temperature conditions;
  • rational price (the coating procedure has a low cost).

Improved spider arcs can last three times longer than standard products. Components quickly self-sustain themselves - during the first few months of operation of the gear, because they do not need to be changed often. 


Polymer coating technology

A layer of zinc is applied to the steel surface of each arc on a spider by the thermal method according to the technology developed by the Kharkiv Tank Plant. The result of the procedure is the appearance of the product of a thin, invisible film, which prevents the very minimum interaction of the material with external factors, which can cause oxidation and other metal deformations. The level of elasticity of the steel remains unchanged.

Control over the welding and processing of arcs with zinc is carried out by professionals whose experience in this field exceeds 30 years. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt the quality of components and their resistance to wear. 


Correct installation of arcs

First, you need to find out which end of the arc is the top and which is the bottom. This is not difficult, because the loop is made on the bottom edge. It is necessary for reliable attachment of the mesh to the support-lift. So, the bottom edge of each of the four arcs provided for in the design of the spider should be inserted into one of the angles of the stop-lift.

The upper end of the components are included in the cross. The evidence that the arcs and the crosspiece are selected correctly are the following indicators: installing arcs in a common vertex is easy and does not require significant physical effort, but the arcs do not stagger and do not slip out of the hole.


What arcs can be found in our online store?

The specificity of our assortment is that all arcs per spider are sold as part of ready-made sets with crosses. One set is four arcs and one cross. The advantage of such a purchase is that you can be 100% sure that the diameter of the arcs matches the size of the hole in the cross. There are sets with such parameters of arcs, the diameter of which is 0.5 cm:


  • 1x1, where the length of the products is 1.1 m;
  • 1.5x1.5, in which components have a length of 1.4 m;
  • 2x2, where the length of the arcs is 1.8 m.

 When purchasing components, it should be borne in mind that the parameters 1x1, 1.5x1.5 and 2x2 are the working dimensions that describes not the length of the arcs, but the dimensions of the finished spiders, which are obtained by attaching the components. Accordingly, the net sheet for equipment should have the parameters 1x1, 1.5x1.5 or 2x2.


Spider fishing: what should a beginner and a professional remember?

A fishing spider is a tackle that can provide a guaranteed catch volume. With the help of equipment, it is convenient to “open the hunt” for large fry and large fish. Accordingly, it is necessary to choose a mesh for the spider: the smaller the estimated prey, the smaller the mesh should have, and vice versa.

It should be remembered that for fishing with the use of a spider, not all zones of water bodies are suitable, but only those where fish accumulate in large quantities, since the specificity of this tackle is mass fishing. It is advisable to leave equipment in places of spawning, near bottom obstacles blocking the path of fish, near hydraulic structures, as well as where the valleys are adjacent to quiet and calm backwaters.

Attention! Before immersing a spider in water, make sure that the bottom is perfectly flat or has a slight, barely noticeable slope in the chosen place of the reservoir. Otherwise, the design will not be able to stay in an upright position and fully perform its function.

The process of fishing with a spider takes place using this technology. Submerged tackle is left underwater for some time, then it is lifted, the prey is removed and again lowered into the pond. The intervals between diving and lifting should be approximately the same (on average about 10 minutes). To pull a spider out of the water, standing on a pier or bridge, fishermen use ropes, and from the boat or shore use the required length of the pole. If you follow these tips, you can get a rich catch.


 Favorable offer from the company "Sete Tackle"

If you are engaged in the production of fishing tackle or plan to repair a fishing spider at home, we suggest you purchase accessories from our electronic catalog. To do this, you do not need to leave your home or office - just fill out an application on the site and send it to us. We guarantee:

  • operational order processing;
  • quick assembly of goods according to the client's request;
  • organization of delivery to any locality of Ukraine by New Mail or another transport company (by prior agreement);
  • a rational pricing policy that excludes unreasonable margins on products;
  • participation of regular customers in the loyalty the program, which allows you to pay with accumulated bonus points;
  • buy spider arcs improved in bulk.

To clarify the wholesale price of components, please contact the online store employees by telephone. If necessary, they will provide professional advice and help you get the option of products that fully meets your needs.

Characteristics Options - 4 whole arcs, cross Material - Steel 70-G (spring) Coating - Polymer The size of the arcs - 1.5x1.5 meters

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Arc on the spider 1.5x1.5 (Improved)

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  • Product Code: Дуги на паук 1.5х1.5 (Улучшенные)
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Arc on the spider 1.5x1.5 (Improved)

Arc on the spider 1.5x1.5 (Improved)

Arches for the spider improved 1.5х1.5 (Polymeric covering)  Buying arcs for a spider is ..

420.00 грн.