Turbo-torpedo fishing plastic on the battery (with shockproof housing) for installing fishing nets under the ice.

Powered by 8.3V battery. One charge lasts 4 hours or 6 kilometers of delivery.

A powerful, durable plastic battery model will last longer than a regular torpedo, thanks to the batteries. It is made of high-strength shock-resistant plastic, which withstands temperatures from -40 to +40 degrees. The model has a wide body - 90 millimeters in diameter, which avoids vibration and deviation from the axis of the line during the course of the torpedo. It consists of a cylinder with a a compartment in which the battery is installed, two wheels with pointed teeth attached to the sides to provide grip of a torpedo with an ice surface, an electric motor of a rotating wheel, 2 LEDs integrated into the housing making it easier to find a torpedo under the ice.

Advantages over metal: improved tightness does not oxidize and does not rust.

Weight: 1 kg.

Length: 550 millimeters.

Diameter: 90 millimeters.

Diameter with wheels: 120 millimeters.

Packing: cardboard box.

To use a torpedo to pull nets under ice, you will need to choose a place for arranging a fishing net, drill two holes to launch a torpedo and exit to the surface (the distance as well as the depth of the reservoir is taken into account before setting the net - the distance for the holes should correspond to the length of the net or the length of the cord passing through the torpedo, the depth of the reservoir should be greater than the net placed by the torpedo, that is, when arranging a net 1.8 meters high, the depth to the bottom should be at least 2 meters).

The torpedo for pulling nets under the ice has a hollow cylinder with a compartment where the battery is located, two signal lights, two wheels with pointed teeth, which provide the torpedo to grip the ice surface and, if necessary, partially cut the path for moving forward (we draw your attention to the fact that the torpedo at launch passes under the ice with wheels clinging to ice, that is, when starting the torpedo must be turned upside down), all parts of the torpedo are oiled and packaged in individual packages.


1. Submerge a torpedo under the ice (for this you need to make a maim or use a drill to drill a hole).

2. Direct the nose of the torpedo in the direction you need.

3. At the rear of the torpedo there is a waterproof switch to which a rope or cord is tied (we recommend a Mtex cord of 3.5-4 mm.

4. Pulling the cord once towards itself, at the same time, turns on the engine rotating wheels and LED, which facilitates the search for a torpedo under the ice.

5. Pulling the cord again, the engine shuts off.

These products are advanced fishing equipment for placing the fishing net under ice, used in rivers, lakes, large, medium and small reservoirs in the freezing area.

As everyone knows, for a long time, to install a fishing net under the ice, one ice-hole was usually drilled, a wooden stick with a fishing net rope was inserted into the water, then another ice a hole was drilled, a wooden stick with a fishing net rope was moved forward, and so on. A torpedo is a high-speed, power-saving, highly efficient machine for installing a net under ice in relation to the above disadvantages of installing a net.

Characteristics Material - Plastic

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Torpedo for pulling nets with battery (Plastic)

  • Product Code: Торпеда для протяжки сетей с аккумулятором (Пластиковая)
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Torpedo for pulling nets with battery (Plastic)

Torpedo for pulling nets with battery (Plastic)

Turbo-torpedo fishing plastic on the battery (with shockproof housing) for installing fishing nets ..

1,396.50 грн.