Thread twisted polyamide (caprone) 187 *2, reel 1.5 kg



Fishing yarns have long been regarded as an indispensable assistant to amateur anglers and professionals. They are used as a garter material or as a cut, of which netting and spiders are woven. With the help of a thread it is possible to carry out at home the repair of a cracked rod, replacement of floods, fixing of floats by sliding knots. The advantage of the material is that it does not cut the adjacent surface, and therefore is considered the optimal and safe means for attaching the accessories to the tackle. 

         Fishing thread has also been widely used in industry, household, and household use. It is used by gardeners and gardeners to bind plants, farmers - to create and repair fences for poultry. Not to do without the thread in hiking, camping, hunting. The material is used in medicine, printing, textile, clothing, footwear and other fields of production. 


Caprone as a basis for making a fishing thread

The thread for the fishing tackle presented in the catalog is made of caprone. It is an artificial fiber, the beginning of which goes back to 1938. It was then that the German chemist P. Schlak, an employee of I. G. Farben, managed to obtain the basis for its manufacture - the polymer polycaprolactam.

To buy a nylon thread is a rational solution as it has such positive properties:

  • high resistance to tearing;
  • the ability to resist rot;
  • water repellent characteristics;
  • not prone to delamination;
  • abrasion resistance;
  • flexibility, softness and elasticity;
  • insensitivity to the destructive effects of saltwater;
  • frost resistance;
  • smooth surface without knots, uniform thickness without excessive thinning and sealing;
  • not prone to entanglement;
  • fire safety.

The exact strength of nylon depends on the technology used to produce it. However, the average figures are as follows: a thread whose diameter is 0.1 mm is able to sustain an object weighing 550 g without damage. Its elasticity is superior to silk at times. 


Caprone threads for fishing tackle in the assortment

The commodity position presented in the electronic catalog is realized in bobbins - the thread is wound on a cardboard base. The net weight of one unwinding is 1.5 kg. The length of the thread in the bobbin depends on its thickness - the greater the parameter, the smaller the footage is per 1.5-kilogram unwinding. In the assortment of the online store "Sete Snasti" you can buy white products with a thickness of:


  • 0.6 mm;
  • 0.8 mm;
  • 1 mm;
  • 1.2 mm;
  • 1.5 mm;
  • 1.7 mm;
  • 2 mm;
  • 2.5 mm.

On this page of the electronic catalog for the convenience of clients is presented a detailed table of footage. It contains information on the exact ratio of such parameters of nylon thread, such as thickness and length, per 1 kg of material.

The “Sete Snasti” online store provides an opportunity to buy a nylon thread for the net at an affordable cost. We are fully responsible for the goods sold, we guarantee its high-quality characteristics and compliance with the main requirements of fishing. Use the convenient system of finding the necessary tools and materials for their manufacture and place an order without leaving your home or office. If necessary, company managers are ready to provide qualified advice on issues that arise, so that your financial investment is made without risk.

Characteristics Type - Thread twisted polyamide (caprone); Manufacturer - Ukraine

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Thread twisted polyamide (caprone) 187 * 2, reel 1.5 kg

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Thread twisted polyamide (caprone) 187 * 2, reel 1.5 kg

Thread twisted polyamide (caprone) 187 * 2, reel 1.5 kg

Thread twisted polyamide (caprone) 187 *2, reel 1.5 kg  Fishing yarns have long been regar..

247.00 грн.