Norfin Discovery Gray - Winter Fishing Suit




The winterized Norfin Discovery suit for the winter consists of semi-overalls and a jacket. The presented model is perfect for fishermen and hunters who have to work in all weather conditions.

Jacket and semi-overalls have the following set of advantages:


  • The presence of glued seams, due to which the service life of the clothes is significantly extended. In addition, a special cut of each of the products helps not to hamper movement during active work.
  • A huge number of external and internal pockets. All pockets are quite deep and spacious, which makes it easy to place any items that are always at hand. The inner pockets are complemented by a warmed coating, which is especially important when storing gadgets at sub-zero temperatures.
  • The outer cuffs on the jacket are made of the elastic material with an increased degree of strength. All cuffs are adjustable.
  • For safety, the jacket and overalls have stitched reflective strips, which is especially important during fishing at night or in conditions of poor visibility.

You can buy a modern warm Norfin Discovery Gray suit at a bargain price on the website of the Sete Tackle online store. 



Features of the materials used

 For sewing the top layer of the popular Norfin winter suit, the manufacturing company used the already proven material - Nortex Breathable, which has many undeniable advantages: 

  • Insulating properties, due to which the material does not let cold airflow in and does not release warm air.
  • The presence of “breathing” abilities of the fabric allows you to create the necessary microclimate inside the jacket and semi-overalls, thereby preventing perspiration.
  • During active movements, all excess moisture is discharged onto the outer layer of the material.
  • WaterProof water resistance is 6,000 mm. Thus, the suit is designed to be worn not only in snowy weather but also during heavy rain.

Membrane materials easily pass through themselves the steam that comes from the human body. As a result, for a long time, a person will be able to be in comfortable conditions, regardless of the specific air temperature or temperature changes.


 Heater and high-quality fittings 

Before choosing and buying a Norfin winter suit, it is important to first familiarize yourself with the features of the insulation, which was taken as a basis. A popular brand preferred Hollofil - high-tech insulation from the well-known company DuPont, which has 4 hollow holes in the fibers at once. Thus, the material perfectly retains heat, while being characterized by a relatively lightweight.

In addition, the filler quickly recovers its former shape after compression, thereby not deforming as a result of washing - manual or machine. The material belongs to the category of hypoallergenic products that are practical in the process of daily use.

As a fastener, the manufacturer used a zipper from the Japanese brand YKK, which has long been a leader in the development of modern fittings. The presented suit is designed for harsh winters when the air temperature reaches about -35 degrees.

In the online store "Sete Tackle" you can buy a Norfin Discovery Gray suit, having familiarized yourself with the main characteristics and advantages of this product. Subject to the basic rules of operation, the model will last more then one season.

Characteristics Fabric / Density: NORTEX Breathable 360 DEN; Lining: Microflis 100g / m2; Insulation / Density: Hollofil - from DuPont (Ultra-light, modern insulation); Water resistance: 6000 mm; Temperature range: Up to -35°С

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Winter suit Norfin - Discovery Grey

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Winter suit Norfin - Discovery Grey

Winter suit Norfin - Discovery Grey

Norfin Discovery Gray - Winter Fishing Suit   The winterized Norfin Discovery suit ..

8,841.00 грн.