• Accordion fishing creel Reinforced (Cordoba) 3-8 meters

 Reinforced accordion fishing creel



You cannot count on a successful fishing result without a special device in the arsenal of the fisherman. Therefore, the "litter hunt" for lobsters can lead to loss of time and effort if you do not take care of acquiring capture equipment. If you had an idea to replenish the set of your professional equipment, which has developed with a clear goal: “Buy fishing creel”, you can be sure that in our online store you will find what you need. On this page of the catalog, you will find an improved accordion fishing creel, a distinctive feature of which is a longer service life than its counterparts. 


How is the tackle arranged?

The accordion is considered the most popular and sought-after model of this gear, which is also called the “gut” and “corrugation”. The fishing gear consists of a frame made in the shape of a rectangle, as well as a net web stretched over it. The head is divided into sections, in each of which inlets for potential production are made - i.e. for crayfish. The entrances are placed on the side and in a checkerboard pattern: if the hole is on the right side in the first section, then on the left side in the second, etc. The equipment is equipped with lead sinkers made of lead, which prevent it from tilting to the side and falling. 

In the online store "Sete Tackle" you can buy reinforced fishing creel with the following parameters:

  • net thread thickness: from 0.8 to 1.2 mm;
  • gear length: 3 and 8 m;
  • number of inlets for crayfish: 11 and 32 pieces;
  • frame sizes: from 25x30 or more.
  • fishing gear weight: from 0.7 to 3 kg.

The head is called reinforced since the network web stretched over the frame is made of high-strength thickened nylon thread. This technical solution allowed to significantly extend the life of the gear. In parallel with this, the net fishing gear also has large, in comparison with analogs, the diameter of the cell. 


How to use fishing creel?

The principle of using the gear for fishing crayfish is to perform the following steps: 

  • Immediately on the equipment fasten the floats, balancing those sinkers with which the manufacturer equipped it.
  • Then, bait with a smell attracting crayfish is laid inside the crayfish.
  • Next, the fishing gear is lowered underwater to the bottom. The prey approaches the tackle, freely penetrates into it, absorbs the bait, and cannot get out, as the inlet openings narrow in the direction of the center. In addition, along the edges, the fishing creel is reinforced with traps that prevent the satiated crayfish from slipping out of the trap.
  • Three hours later, the tackle is lifted to the shore (boat) with a rope, the prey is taken out, a new bait is laid and the described cycle is repeated.

The basic rules for deploying several cannons at the same time indicate that the tackle should be located at a distance of 10 to 30 m from each other, at different distances from the coast and at several depths. Therefore, there is a high probability that fishing will be effective.  


The most profitable purchase

If you need fishing creel, you can buy it in the Sete Tackle online store: 

  • with an additional discount if you have already purchased goods from us and accumulated bonus points;
  • with delivery by "New mail" to any region of the country;
  • with a guarantee, the possibility of exchange and return;
  • at the price of the manufacturer;

You can ask relevant questions to our phone managers. They will help you make the right choice and place your order. The counseling service is free for all, without exception.

Characteristics Material - Cord; Structure. Type - Accordion

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Accordion fishing creel Reinforced (Cordoba) 3-8 meters

  • Product Code: Раколовка гармошка Усиленная (Кордовая) 3-8 метров
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Accordion fishing creel Reinforced (Cordoba) 3-8 meters

Accordion fishing creel Reinforced (Cordoba) 3-8 meters

 Reinforced accordion fishing creel  You cannot count on a successful fishing resul..

385.00 грн.