• Hexagon crayfish tackle 80x80cm (Manual assembly)

Hexagon crayfish tackle



Catching crayfish on an industrial scale will not be productive if a professional or a novice does not take care of acquiring special equipment and gear. The online store "Sete Snasti" provides an opportunity to purchase traps for crayfish, which have gained popularity and positive feedback due to the quality of the materials from which they are made, as well as their long service life.


Design features of hexagon crayfish tackle

The name of the fishing equipment was associated with its appearance. The frame is made in the shape of a hexagon, which is covered with a net .. On the sides of the gear, there are eight inlets through which the crayfish penetrate into the trap. It was this design that received the status of one of the most catchy. This advantage is fully compensated by the fact that the collection of the trap takes much longer than the preparation for operation of its popular counterpart - the umbrella model. 

The main advantages of the gear catalog presented on this page are: 

  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • tensile strength of the web;
  • insensitivity to the negative effects of saltwater, direct sunlight, differences in the thermometer;
  • in conspicuity in water.

When folded, the fishing gear practically does not take up space, it is very compact, and therefore it is stored and transported over long distances without problems. It weighs only 0.4 kg. In the assortment of our online store you can purchase equipment in two sizes: 0.8 and 1 m. 

How to use crayfish tackle?

The procedure for using a hexagonal trap for crayfish is as follows: 

  • It is necessary to collect it, to tie weights and floats, to put the bait for operation inside.
  • Then the tackle should be lowered underwater - to the very bottom of the tank. If several fishes are used at once, there is no need to place them at a distance closer than 10 m - such fishing will not bring efficiency. The optimal distance between the two equipment is up to 30 m. It is also not recommended to place the gear in parallel - you need to set them at different depths and at different distances from the coast.
  • After 3 hours, the trap must be removed from the reservoir, unzip the side and top zippers, take out the prey, put a new portion of the bait and repeat the previous steps in the same order.

A feature of crayfish tackle are narrowing from the entrance to the center of the hole for extraction. Therefore, having got into them, the crayfish cannot get out through the narrow passage. 

The advantages of buying from us

Online store "Sete Snasti" offers favorable partnership conditions: 

  • efficiency: processing and assembly of the order is carried out in the near future after receiving the client's application;
  • targeted delivery: a trap for crayfish, which you decide to buy from us, as well as other goods,  are sent in parcels via New Mail to all regions of Ukraine;
  • loyalty programs: we practice regular discounts, regular customers of the company can pay with bonus balls accrued to them for previous purchases;
  • protection of customer interests: any buyer can exchange unsuitable goods or return them after full compensation of cost;
  • reasonable prices: we are goods at a price from the manufacturer - without additional fees.

The managers of the online store will help you choose the gear you need - let them know about your wishes and expected fishing conditions. Consultations are provided by phone and are absolutely free for all, without exception.

Characteristics Material - Nylon; Structure. Type - Umbrella

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Hexagon crayfish tackle 80x80cm (Manual assembly)

  • Product Code: Раколовка шестигранная 100х100см (Ручная сборка)
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  • 216.60 грн.


Hexagon crayfish tackle 80x80cm (Manual assembly)

Hexagon crayfish tackle 80x80cm (Manual assembly)

Hexagon crayfish tackle  Catching crayfish on an industrial scale will not be productive..

216.60 грн.