• Square folding crayfish trap  (Folding crab trap)

Square folding crayfish trap 



A productive catch of crayfish on an industrial scale is not possible without professional equipment. Just for this purpose, such gears were created, which were called crayfish tackles. The rectangular model is one of the most common, which is widely popular among both specialists and beginners. In the online store "Sete Snasti" a wide range of products from verified manufacturers is presented, which have proven themselves in the domestic and world fishing tackle market on the positive side. 

Design specifics and principle of operation

This fishing equipment has a rectangular shape. The equipment has two large side entrances for crayfish. Rakolov works according to this principle:


  • First place the bait, a float tied to fishing tackle.
  • Then the fishing tool sinks to the bottom of the reservoir.
  • Potential prey, which smells of bait, floats through the inlets in the crayfish tackle and tapers inward. Thanks to this device, crabs that have eaten the bait cannot swim back.
  • After 3 hours, the tackle comes off the ground using a special line, the extraction is removed, an A new bait is inserted, and the equipment returns to the bottom of the reservoir.

Experts recommend that when placing multiple tools at the same time, use a pitch of 10-30 m between them. It is also better to place several gears at different depths of the reservoir, at an unequal distance from the shoreline, to increase fishing efficiency. Using a flashlight for night fishing, it is best to mount it on your head so that both hands are free. Thus, it is possible to provide ease of use of gear. 

In our store, you can buy rectangular fish, weighing no more than ½ kg, with a mesh size of 16 mm. Their advantages are the following characteristics: 

  • compactness;
  • high level of transportability;
  • ease of installation, verification, removal;
  • convenient placement of the bait;
  • affordable cost.

The rectangular model of the gear, when folded, is flat. By the principle of folding, it looks like a book: the two upper frames are located close to each other and are fixed on latches. Unfolded, respectively, equipment on the contrary.

Where is it better to get crayfish tackles?

Online store "Sete Tackle" is the choice of visionary and rational beginners and professionals who seek to acquire high-quality fishing equipment. Selling crayfish tackles carried out on favorable terms: 

  • You can make a purchase in just a couple of clicks of a computer mouse, without leaving your office or home, without wasting work or personal time;
  • You can pay for the order by bank transfer or in cash upon receipt of the parcel at the office of the transport and logistics company;
  • Delivery is organized through the services of "New Mail". If necessary, the goods can be sent by another carrier as agreed between the client and the store managers;
  • allowed the exchange and return of unsuitable goods;
  • favorable discounts are provided for those who have already made an order with us earlier - bonus points are awarded for purchased goods, which can be partially paid for the next purchase.

Our experts are ready to provide professional assistance to everyone who wants to buy high-quality and reliable gear, to answer questions arising as you study the catalog. The counseling service is provided over the phone and is absolutely free.

Characteristics Material - Cord; Structure. Type - Book

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Square folding crayfish trap (Folding crab trap)

  • Product Code: Раколовка квадратная (Краболовка)
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Square folding crayfish trap  (Folding crab trap)

Square folding crayfish trap (Folding crab trap)

Square folding crayfish trap   A productive catch of crayfish on an industrial scale..

300.00 грн.