• Hexagon crayfish tackle 80x80cm (Manual assembly)

Hexagon crayfish tackle



One of the directions of fishing is catching crayfish. Almost all adherents carry out this procedure manually. But such a method is fraught with wounds to the hands, and it is characterized by a relatively low level of productivity. In order to organize the right crayfish fishing on an industrial scale, to increase the efficiency of this process, without going beyond the legislative standards governing fishing in Ukraine, you need to get professional equipment. It is a crayfish trap, which you can buy on the virtual storefront of the Sete Snasti online store. 

Design Features and Benefits of Hex Racking

The gear has the form of a hexagon, in which eight holes are made - entrances for potential production. The principle of fishing with this tool consists of the following steps: 

  • In the creel, you need to put the bait and tie a float to the equipment.
  • Next, the gear should be lowered to the bottom of the reservoir.
  • The crayfish will react to the bait and begin to penetrate through the holes in the creel. Since the passages are narrowed inward, the extraction will not be able to get back.
  • After a while, the equipment needs to be lifted out of the water, two zippers open on top and side to pick up the prey and lay a new bait.

The design of the hexagonal raking is distinguished by high catchability. It is similar in principle to the device with a creel-umbrella, but it has one difference - it will take much more time to assemble the hexagonal gear. When folded, the fishing gear occupies a minimum amount of space, it is light enough - it weighs approximately 400 g, therefore it is very convenient for transportation, does not require any effort during laying the bait, as well as in the process of checking and removing. In the assortment, there are models of two sizes - 0.8 and 1 m. In addition, hexagonal creel has an affordable cost. 

Fishing features

The shells are placed at a distance of 10 to 30 m from each other. If several guns are installed, then it is better to place them at different depths and at different distances from the coast. 

The best time period for checking gear is 3 hours. You need to raise the raccoon with a cord, remove the prey from it and send it back to the bottom with new bait. 

If industrial fishing is carried out at night, a headlamp mounted on the head should be used to free both hands. Otherwise, working with equipment will be inconvenient. 

What do we recommend?

In our online store you can buy traps for crayfish on favorable terms:


  • You do not need to go home to a specialty store, spending personal time on it. Having studied the gear catalog, you have the opportunity to choose the most suitable among them for your fishing conditions and place a quick online order. 
  • You can choose the method of payment yourself - pay the amount either in cash upon receipt of the goods, or pay by bank transfer. 
  • We will deliver the parcel by New Mail to any region of Ukraine. If you want to receive an order at the office of another transport and logistics company, this point must first be agreed with the store managers. 
  • If for some reason the product you received is not suitable for you, we provide the opportunity to exchange it for another gear or return it with full compensation for the amount paid. 
  • We provide all regular customers with the opportunity to save money by using the bonus points accrued for previous purchases.


Contact our consultants for support - the service is provided over the phone and is completely free.

Characteristics Material - Nylon; Structure. Type - Umbrella

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Hexagon crayfish tackle 80x80cm (Manual assembly)

  • Product Code: Раколовка шестигранная 80х80см (Ручная сборка)
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Hexagon crayfish tackle 80x80cm (Manual assembly)

Hexagon crayfish tackle 80x80cm (Manual assembly)

Hexagon crayfish tackle  One of the directions of fishing is catching crayfish. Almost al..

211.00 грн.