A fishing creel of the snake  (8 entrances)



Buying a professional tool for catching crayfish is a great opportunity to increase the productivity of the fishery and to ensure 100% guaranteed production for yourself. Chinese creels presented on the virtual showcase of the online store “Sete Snasti” - this is the products of world-famous manufacturers who have proven themselves on the positive side and have taken a strong position in the fishing tackle market. High-quality products, ease of operation, and low maintenance requirements make it possible to use these devices not only for professionals but also for beginners. 

How is the tackle arranged, and what is the principle of its action? 

This creel is designed according to the new model. The base has the appearance of an octagon, covered with a net. On its surface, there are eight inlet openings for crayfish. Their shape is tapering towards the center, so prey, once inside the gear, cannot get out through the same holes.

The main advantage of the equipment is a quick assembly/disassembly. When folded, the tackle takes up a minimum of space. The parameters of the fishing gear collected in a rectangle are 25x30x1 cm. It weighs about 200 g. All this indicates its compactness and excellent transportability of the fishing gear.


The tackle works this way:

  • First, the bait is laid inward.
  • Further, the creel sinks under the water to the very bottom.
  • Crayfish, smelling food, swim inside the gear, in which they remain, as mentioned above.
  • Three hours later (the most optimal time) the equipment is pulled out of the water opened, production is taken out of it, it is filled with a new bait and sent back to the reservoir to the very bottom.

           The principle of arranging several fishing creels within the same reservoir: firstly, at a distance from each other, equal to 10-30 m, secondly, at different depths, and thirdly, at different distances from the coast. 

The high quality of the equipment is evidenced by its resistance to temperature changes, the effects of salt in water, and the influence of sunlight. The network web is resistant to mechanical deformation, almost invisible in water, and therefore not able to deter production.


Terms of the acquisition of fishing gear in the online store "Sete Snasti" 

We provide an opportunity to purchase equipment as quickly as possible - without leaving your possessions or office, without spending a lot of time searching for the necessary equipment in various specialized stores. You can study the catalog exactly as much as you need, at any time of the day or day of the week, since our showcase is open 24/7, unlike most outlets. 

You can buy creels in the online store "Sete Snasti": 

  • at the price of the manufacturer: we do not practice margins, we work directly with manufacturers, and therefore we do not overpay for deliveries and do not force our customers to overpay;
  • from any locality in Ukraine: we will arrange prompt delivery to all regions of the country by “New Mail”. If you want to receive the parcel at the office of another transport and logistics company, then discuss this issue with the manager when confirming the order;
  • with favorable discounts: for each purchase, we accrue bonus points to customers. When making the next purchase, they can be used to partially pay the order amount.

Contact our managers by phone for advice - specialists will assist in choosing the right gear and answer questions that arose during the review of the assortment in the catalog.

Characteristics Material - Nylon; Structure. Type - Book

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Fishing creel on the snake (8 entries)

  • Product Code: Раколовка на змейке (8 входов)
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Fishing creel on the snake (8 entries)

Fishing creel on the snake (8 entries)

A fishing creel of the snake  (8 entrances)  Buying a professional tool for catching ..

171.00 грн.