Accordion creel - effective tackle


Fishing for crayfish in industrial volumes can be effective if you use special equipment: creel. It is as simple as possible to operate, and most importantly, its advantage is that it provides 100% of the catch. Online store "Sete Tackle" offers you a model of fishing gear, called the "accordion". Among professionals, it is also known under the names "gut", "corrugation". 

How is accordion creel arranged, and how to use it? 

This tackle has the shape of a rectangular frame, covered with a network cloth, divided into several sections. They have inlets through which the crayfish enter the equipment. These entrances are arranged in sections on the sides in a checkerboard pattern. On the one hand, creels attached sinkers, they do not allow tackle to float and go to the side.

You can buy creels from us inexpensively and organize an effective "hunt" for the desired prey in this way:

1. First you need to attach floats on the opposite side of the sinkers to balance the gear;

2. Then put the bait in it and lower it to the bottom;

3. The prey, smelling the pleasant aroma of the bait, will go in its direction, will go inside through the holes, but will not be able to get back, since the entrances narrow towards the equipment center;

4. After three hours, the fish should be lifted from the bottom, opened, removed the crayfish that got into it, filled with new bait, closed and lowered back.

To increase the volume of the catch, it is best to arrange fishery several pieces at a time, at a distance from each other from 10 to 30 m. It is also effective if the depth of placement is not the same as the distance from them to the shore. During night fishing, you need to take care of the presence of a flashlight and its fixation on the head. In this way, you can free your hands so that you can use the ravine unhindered.

The advantages of accordion gear are the following characteristics:

• resistance to mechanical damage;

• ability to withstand temperature changes without deformation, exposure to sunlight, salt water;

• compactness and high level of mobility.

The assortment includes crushers 2.4m, 3m and 3.2m long with eight and twelve entrances for mining. The dimensions of the frame may be different for each length, it is better to check this point with the manager. Depending on the model, 0.6-1kg weighs tackle. 

Why is it worth giving preference to us? 

 We have the most favorable conditions for cooperation, as we offer our customers:

• low prices from manufacturers, lack of markups and, accordingly, the need to overpay round amounts for products;

• the opportunity to take advantage of discounts due to bonus points that are accrued for each previously purchased goods;

• prompt delivery of “New Mail” to all settlements of Ukraine (at the request of customers, delivery by other transport and logistics companies can be arranged on the basis of a preliminary agreement);

• the ability to return an unsuitable product with full compensation of its value, as well as exchange it for another item from the catalog;

• a chance to buy creels wholesale or retail, depending on needs;

• selection of the method of payment for purchases in cash or by bank transfer.

Our managers will provide qualified assistance over the phone in the selection of gear, provide advice on those issues that arise during the study of the range presented in the catalog.

Characteristics Material - Nylon; Structure. Type - Accordion

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Accordion creel (Standard) 10-12 inputs

  • Product Code: Раколовка гармошка 3.5м на 12 входов (Стандартная)
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 300.00 грн.


Accordion  creel (Standard) 10-12 inputs

Accordion creel (Standard) 10-12 inputs

Accordion creel - effective tackle Fishing for crayfish in industrial volumes can be effectiv..

300.00 грн.