• Fishing creel inkwell Ø60cm (Large)

Fishing creel inkwell Ø60cm


The inkwell is a well-known trap for all anglers, which is designed to catch a huge number of crayfish. The presented model has a conical shape. Crayfish crawl along the gentle rise closer to the bait and simply fall inward, from where it is impossible to get out.

The net is woven from the corresponding dense thread, the thickness of which varies within 0.7 mm. The diameter of each cell is 20 mm. The material is tensioned and fixed thanks to a robust frame made of galvanized wire with a thickness of 4 mm. Such material is characterized by a long service life, as it is not susceptible to corrosion.

Additionally, the wire is equipped with a small lock-spacer, which greatly simplifies the process of unfolding the structure in a pond. Also, the spacers are actively involved in the process of securing the trap in the working position. After use, the model is easy to assemble, without requiring a lot of time and effort from the fisherman. To do this, you will need to push the lock on the wire and homemade creels instantly become flat. At the beginning of the trap, you can see the so-called “skirt”, which prevents the possible “escape” of already caught prey. 

Effective bait and creel installation

Despite the design features of the trap, the prepared bait plays an important role in the process of catching crayfish. Given the fact that crayfish have an excellent sense of smell, they will hear smells and aromas over a long distance. One of the most effective solutions is rye bread with mashed garlic. To prevent such a bait from breaking up in the water, pieces of bread are placed in a special nylon stocking.

The fishing creel inkwell, which you can buy on the website, has an easy installation method. Most often, the installation of the trap is carried out with a craft, since most of the reservoirs are abundantly covered with grass and tall reeds. Pre-installation of the float will help to avoid possible loss of the area on which the structure is located.

If the fisherman prefers to mount from the coastline, then it is advisable to use a long-horned pole. The traps, thanks to the signal rope, are fixed to the horn, and the pole is exposed from the coastline. After that, you will need to carefully and gradually pit the signal cord, which allows you to lower the trap to the very bottom of the reservoir.

Now, every a fisherman who wants to try his own hand in the capture of large crayfish can buy creels.

Characteristics Material - Kapron; Structure. Type - Barrel

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Fishing creel inkwell Ø60cm (Large)

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  • Product Code: Раколовка чернильница Ø60см (Большая)
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Fishing creel inkwell Ø60cm (Large)

Fishing creel inkwell Ø60cm (Large)

Fishing creel inkwell Ø60cm   The inkwell is a well-known trap for all anglers, which i..

150.00 грн.