Casting Network, Handmade (Prices)

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Casting net, American made of thread Ø3m bar 20mm (Lead weight)

Casting tackle is very popular with lovers of fishing, crayfish and jellyfish. This is a high quality product made from durable materials. You can buy Casting net, American made of thread Ø3m yach.20mm (Lead weight) in our online store. To do this, you don't even need to leave your comfort zone, delivery is carried out anywhere in the country in a very short time.

Benefits and design features

Casting networks are suitable even for beginners, due to the ease of use, high strength of materials and reliability. Most often they are used in shallow waters, where the bottom is clearly visible, and the water is quite transparent. However, experienced fishermen can use them in any body of water.

The positive qualities of casting networks include:

· Easy operation. Tackles are suitable even for beginners. You can hone your skill on them.

· Variety of catch. They are suitable for catching fish, crayfish and sea jellyfish.

· Convenient use. Due to the nylon thread, the elements do not get confused, they quickly ad easily straighten out in the reservoir, do not require additional costs or preparation.

· Methods of operation. These nets can be cast from the shore or from a fishing boat. The result will be equally good.

· Features of weaving. The tackle is designed in such a way that the fish can easily swim inside, but it will not be able to get out of there. Only a fisherman can get it.

· Ability to remove the structure without the help of other people.

Tackle with a large movable ring is also called a parachute, for the principle of deployment in a reservoir. Lead weights will help set the fishing net to the correct level.

For a varied and large catch, take advantage of our advice: at great depths, it is better to use them in combination with sonar or a person who knows the bottom.

Despite this, the tackle is suitable for beginners. For correct installation, you need to raise the circle with the load, and throw it into the water with a spinning motion. The nets will open and you will bring home a great catch.

Features of the casting network:

· Large movable ring;

· Type - American;

· Cells - 20 mm;

· Material - nylon 0.8 mm.

You can purchase a product in our store in one click. If you have any questions, contact the managers, they will answer them and place an order with fast delivery.

Characteristics Type: Casting network (cap) Construction: American type Country of origin: Ukraine Height: 1.5m-2.5m Cell size: 22mm Blade Material: Fishing Line Sinker Type: Lead (Crimp) Filament thickness: 4 * 0.20mm

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Casting net 3-6m from braided line handmade

  • Product Code: Кастинговая сеть Американка 3-6м из плетеной лески
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 990.00 грн.


Casting net 3-6m from braided line handmade

Casting net 3-6m from braided line handmade

Casting Network, Handmade (Prices)3m - 990 UAH4m - 1290 UAH6m - 1950 UAHCasting net, American made o..

990.00 грн.