Industrial Dragnet for Fishing


Those who like fishing in shallow water will be interested in tackle such as a dragnet, net, or fishing trail. These three terms refer to one device that appeared for the first time several centuries ago and is well known in our days among professionals and amateurs. Bullshit fishing - equipment so-called. straining type, which brings guaranteed rich catch. 

What is the specifics of using a net?

A dragnet for fishing is considered one of the simplest gears. Its application will be mastered by a novice angler. In order to obtain the desired prey, the net is lowered underwater and, moving towards the coast, is pulled out manually with the prey that falls into the trap.

You can use gear at any time of the year. Autumn and winter are the most convenient period. This is due to the fact that vegetation, which in the warm months swims in the water, settles to the bottom and does not fall into the net.

Also used for fishing in water bodies of any type. You should only take into account this feature: if fishing is planned on the river with sharp turns, it is better to buy a dragnet with a multi-winged structure. In backwaters, on lakes, ponds, you can use a damsel. 

What parts does nonsense consist of?

The design of gear includes the following elements:

  • wings (right and left);
  • net with guzar (pocket) for mining;
  • draft ropes for easy movement;
  • foam floats;
  • lead load.

The nylon threads are taken as the basis for the net web with which the dragnet for fishing is equipped. They are tear-resistant, do not get tangled up on a stony bottom, lend themselves well to home restoration, if mechanical damage to the tackle does occur.

When lowered into the water, the fishing net in the unfolded form creates the effect of a wall between the bottom and surface, blocking the path of the fish. Getting into a recessed pocket from the net, production cannot swim back, and therefore it moves in the direction that the draw itself is. The task of the fishermen is to control so that the living creatures do not get confused in the net. 

Tips for choosing gear

Before you buy fishing fishing, you must determine:

in what volumes the houl is planned;

which species of fish are the fisherman's goal;

in which body of water will fishing take place.

For catch in industrial volumes, it is necessary to buy a net that has a significant height (from 2 m) and the length of the net (can reach 200 m). If the fishermen’s plans include a catch for home consumption, you can purchase tackle with minimal parameters.

Depending on the species of fish that will become prey, it is necessary to choose the mesh size of the mesh web. If the livestock is large, the cells can also be large (from 15 to 20 mm), and vice versa - for small fish, cells up to 14 mm are suitable. 

Tackle Benefits

The net is a fishing tackle with a number of positive characteristics, the presence of which explains its popularity in the fishing world:

  • simultaneous coverage of a large area of ​​the reservoir;
  • ensuring guaranteed catch;
  • long service life;
  • ease of use, care and storage;
  • affordable price range;
  • presence of variations in sizes and types of construction.

Take advantage of the advantageous offer to buy a net in Ukraine in our online store. If you have questions regarding gear and the rules for choosing it, contact the consultants of the company. Provide yourself with a 100 percent catch - replenish your arsenal of fishing gear with high-quality and practical products.

Characteristics Груз - Свинцовый (Наружный); Материал - Капрон 0.8мм; Строение. Тип - С карманом

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Dragnet, net, drag 20 meters (Pocket 7m) Ø20mm

  • Product Code: Бредень, невод, волок 20 метров (Карман 7м) Ø20мм
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Dragnet, net, drag 20 meters (Pocket 7m) Ø20mm

Dragnet, net, drag 20 meters (Pocket 7m) Ø20mm

Industrial Dragnet for Fishing Those who like fishing in shallow water will be interested in t..

2,400.00 грн. 2,550.00 грн.