Fishing drag, dragging is the best the choice for your pond


A dragnet for fishing is a type of tackle that is very popular among professional fishermen and amateurs alike. This is due to the main advantage of the device - the ability to bring a guaranteed large catch regardless of the type of reservoir in which fishing takes place. 

What is this gear and what is the principle of its construction?

The dragnet (net, also known as fishing drag) is a tackle that works on the principle of "filtering" production from water. It is thrown in an expanded horizontal form into the water in shallow waters, thus creating a mesh wall between the surface and the bottom of the reservoir. The fish, falling onto the surface of the net, falls into a special pocket and cannot get out of the trap, therefore it moves in the same direction as the fishermen, who move the fishing rod to the shore.

Such functional features of the tackle are provided due to its design. The fishing net consists of the following components:

• left and right-wing;

• pockets for mining called a guzir;

• ropes for transporting gear;

• large floats made of white foam;

• lead sinkers.

Floats and sinkers must be balanced among themselves. By maintaining balance, they allow the gear to stay afloat. 

Gear variations

Depending on the specifics of fishing, it is necessary to choose and buy a net correctly to get the desired result. The main parameters by which fishing nonsense differ are as follows:

  • mesh size. In accordance with this criterion, a drag can have small (5-14 mm) or large (15-50 mm) cells;
  • length of net web. Its size varies from 6 to 200 m;
  • tackle height. According to this parameter, the net can reach a height of 1.5 to 10.5 m;
  • type of wings. There are equal and diverse winged variations.

If you need to buy a dragnet for amateur fishing, the production obtained as a result of which will be used for home consumption, a product with minimal parameters is enough. A professional net, designed to provide catch on a large industrial scale, is the tackle of maximum size. 

The benefits of fishing fishing

Fishing using a net in practice demonstrates a number of advantages of this gear. These include:

  • the versatility of the device: dragnet for fishing can be used at any time to please, it is especially relevant during autumn-winter fishing in clean water without algae;
  • high-quality material: the net-cloth is made of kapron threads, which are distinguished by their resistance to mechanical damage, the ability to withstand entanglement in snags at the bottom of the reservoir;
  •  accessibility of gear: the popularity of the equipment and the best prices allow anyone interested in fishing to replenish their arsenal of equipment;
  •  long service life: the dragnet is resistant to wear, but in case of small breaks, the net is easily repairable even at home;
  •  easy to maintain: after fishing, the net should be thoroughly washed, dried, avoiding direct sunlight, and suspended when folded.

Our online store offers regular and potential customers to buy a net in Ukraine with minimal expenses for personal time and financial resources. If you are at a loss with the choice of gear - we are waiting for your questions. Managers will provide the necessary information absolutely free.

Characteristics Cargo - Lead (External); Material - Kapron 0.8mm; Structure. Type - With pocket

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Dragnet, net, drag 12 meters (Pocket 4,5m) Ø20mm

  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: Бредень, невод, волок 12 метров (Карман 4,5м) Ø20мм
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  • 1,830.00 грн.


Dragnet, net, drag 12 meters (Pocket 4,5m) Ø20mm

Dragnet, net, drag 12 meters (Pocket 4,5m) Ø20mm

Fishing drag, dragging is the best the choice for your pond A dragnet for fishing is a type of ..

1,830.00 грн.