• Round yater-fishing creel (3 entrances)

Yater Fishing creel for 3 entrances



Crayfish tools are just as popular as fish accessories. After all, cancer is a tasty treat that will not leave anyone indifferent. The easiest way to catch crayfish is with your hands, but it's a little dangerous, and not everyone can decide on it. In order for crayfish catching to be successful, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the preparatory process: to explore promising places and acquire the necessary gear. 

Fishing creel is a special trap which is very effective and easy to use. Their use guarantees an excellent catch and they can catch not only crayfish but also small fish. The trap is easy to use, requires no special skills and can be used by inexperienced anglers. The principle of operation is not complicated: the bait is placed at the bottom of the trap, and the entire structure is lowered into the pond. If the pond is of great depth, then in order not to lose the trap, a rope of the required length is attached to it with the help of a float. The free end of the rope is preferably tied to an existing retainer. 

Crayfish live in clean water, where there is a sufficient supply of oxygen. It’s best to put a boat out of the boat, as the coastal area is often covered with reeds. We recommend using a long pole if you plan to install it from the ground. It is recommended to use several traps at a time, placing them at a distance of about 10 meters from each other. Slavery is prepared on the shore, and then thrown to the bottom. 

To catch crayfish, it is enough to have gear, you need to put a suitable bait inside. Bait for crayfish can be both fresh and rotten fish, meat, shellfish, fruits and vegetables. To prevent cancer from dragging the bait, you need to attach it inside with wire.


Operating principle: 

  • Fasten the bait to the bottom of the trap.
  • Dip it in the water.
  • Wait at least half an hour, as larger crayfish creep later, driving away young ones.
  • Raise and sharply raise the horseradish to the surface.

The larger the fishing, the longer it can be left in the water and the greater its spaciousness.


Raking device

Fishing creels is an elongated structure and consists of a wire frame of a certain diameter, made in the form of a washer. The frame is covered with a 0.8 mm thick polypropylene mesh with a small 16 mm mesh. There are 3 crayfish inlets on the sides. The upper hole next to the string, which is separated only for the extraction of prey. The shape of the trap is defined by a wire twisted like a spring: it breaks with two round bases on which the mesh is stretched. The latches are installed at the edges, which are convenient to use for transporting urea. At the top, there is a rope for easy removal from the water.


Fishing creels have such sizes:

  •  80x80 cm
  • 100x100 cm.

RHF in China is a leading manufacturer of fishing gear. The fabric used by the manufacturer is strong enough, resistant to ultraviolet rays and salt water.


Advantages of the device

Currently, even beginners are eager to buy fishing creel at the lowest price in order to increase the effectiveness of fishing. Qualitative advantages of such products:

  •  it is more convenient for crayfish to crawl into round traps, since there are no sharp corners in them;
  • are quite effective fishing gear;
  • sufficiently roomy, which increases their catchability;
  • assembly and installation of the horseradish does not take much time;
  • When folded, the tackle is compact enough, and its transportation will not be a problem;
  • light weight;
  • the use of a polypropylene mesh allows you to catch not only large crayfish, but also younger ones, without the risk of damage to their carapace;
  • net fabric is almost imperceptible in water, therefore it will not scare away crayfish.

The main advantage of such fishing equipment is that fishing does not require direct human involvement, that is, it is passive. All you have to do is prepare, place and remove the water trap. 


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Characteristics Material - Cord; Structure. Type - Barrel

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Round yater-fishing creel (3 entrances)

  • Product Code: Ятерь-раколовка круглая (3 входа)
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Round yater-fishing creel (3 entrances)

Round yater-fishing creel (3 entrances)

Yater Fishing creel for 3 entrances  Crayfish tools are just as popular as fish accessor..

114.00 грн.