Fishing net lead 


Cargo (or sinkers) are components of an elongated (cylindrical) shape, which are used to ship the bottom of the industrial net, ravings and other fishing gear. For the manufacture of products, lead is used.

In the assortment of the online store "Sete Snasti" weights for nets weighing in the range of 3.5-75 g are presented. In the electronic catalog, you can choose products suitable for cords (codol) with a diameter of 1-10 mm.

The cargo is planted on a tackle net in tandem with floats. Together they provide buoyancy of fishing equipment, guarantee its vertical position underwater. The floats do not allow the gear to go completely to the bottom, and the cargo prevents it from floating to the surface of the reservoir. Therefore, the choice of the weight category of sinkers should be carried out taking into account: 

  • size of floats;

  • net heights.

          Particular attention should be paid to the selection of lead cargo for nets, which are called "floating ships". Their specificity lies in the fact that they require the use of components weighing three times lower than normal. This will allow the net not to sink, but to stay as close as possible to the surface of the water. 


Varieties of cargo for fishing nets

There are two types of cargo for sale on the modern market of fishing tackle and materials for their manufacture: 

  • crimp - these are accessories that along their base have cuts designed to press the cords. Such loads are fixed tightly and do not move. Also known as clothespin;

  • sliding - sinkers, supplemented with through holes. The codols are threaded into holes, and only after this is the tying of weights to the net web. Components of this variety move freely, unlike those described above.

If there are no issues with the landing of sliding components on the codules, then to equip the net web with crimp weights, use cleats to firmly fix them on top of the cord. Such weights for nets are removed just as easily, due to the fact that lead is not a hard metal. 


Benefits of Lead Shipments 

Many buyers who are faced with the need to purchase high-quality cargo for industrial equipment or other fishing equipment, the question arises: products from which material it is more rational to give preference - from lead or lead alloy. In this regard, such a pattern has been proved by practical experience: the higher the concentration of lead in the alloy and the less impurities of other metals, the more functional and durable the component and the greater the weight of a weight of a certain size. Lead as a material for the manufacture of goods have the following advantages: 

  • ability to withstand temperature changes without deformation (not subject to softening under the influence of elevated air temperature);
  • a guarantee of ease of crimping loads woven into cords, due to the flexibility of the metal machining;
  • ensuring a firm hold of the crimp weights on the cord without the risk of them falling off;
  • long term of operation;
  • affordable for all categories of buyers.

Try to order sinkers for nets and other equipment for fishing in our online store, so that from personal experience you can verify their positive qualities and ability to quickly pay off. Sete Snasti company warns: if you plan to use industrial gear and accessories for them for poaching purposes, be prepared to bear personal responsibility for violation of Ukrainian legislation.

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Fishing net weight, lead

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Fishing net weight, lead

Fishing net weight, lead

Fishing net lead  Cargo (or sinkers) are components of an elongated (cylindrical) shape, ..

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