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Industrial fishing is somewhat different from the usual fishing enthusiasm. Fishing on an industrial scale involves the use of specific fishing gear, as well as various devices that make fishing efficient and productive. If for ordinary fishing, which many are fond of, it is enough to have a spinning rod and an elementary set of gear, then industrial fishing requires more serious preparation.

The main “tool” for industrial fishing is, of course, nets of various types, sizes and purposes. All industrial fishing gear can be divided into several categories:

  • explanatory, which, in fact, include all types of nets existing today;
  • strainers, which include different types of net;
  • trawling;
  • stationary and other fishing gear.

It has been customary to fish with nets in Russia since time immemorial, but this method remains the most effective today in terms of efficiency, quantity, and quality of the catch. You can catch a net as a small fish, as well as large enough specimens that will make other anglers envy. For this, and many other reasons, net fishing has not lost its relevance.

Fishing nets today are presented in the widest assortment and everyone can choose the best option, but there is one design feature that distinguishes nets of all types from other fishing gear. The design of almost all types of fishing nets involves the use of such a device as a float for fishing nets. What such floats are, what they are and where you can buy such devices - this is the topic of our conversation.  

Types and features of fishing net floats

First of all, it's worth figuring out what floats for nets are for. The main purpose of their use is to ensure the vertical position of the net canvas. This is a very important point not only from the point of view of stability of the whole structure as a whole but also from the point of view of preventing deformation of fishing gear. The use of floats allows for a long time to maintain the operational properties of fishing gear and to extend their life.

What is a float for nets, ravings, seines and other tools? This is an extruded foam product that resembles an egg or a barrel in shape. Floats are made, as a rule, in white or black and differ in size. The design includes holes where a cord is threaded, the diameter of which can be from 2 to 10 mm.

Among the advantages of foam floats are:

  • universality;
  • low weight and compactness;
  • reusability and long life;
  • good buoyancy;
  • fairly affordable cost.

Network floats are used, as a rule, simultaneously with sinkers, which allows the tackle to create a certain barrier or partition, which greatly complicates the movement of fish in the pond, which means it makes your catch even more impressive. It is worth noting that if we are talking about private farms or lakes, then the floats can be made according to individual requirements, which the customer forms depending on the fishing conditions. 

Where to buy floats for nets?

There are two ways to buy floats for nets that would meet your requirements: in specialized stores in your city or using the services of our online store. We bring to your attention a wide selection of floats for fishing nets ranging in size from 17x11 mm to 110x45 mm.

The advantage of buying in an online store is the affordable price and high quality. Here you can buy small floats for fishing gear in packs of 100 pieces or large floats by the piece in any required quantity. Floats for nets, which you can buy in our store, are of high quality and reasonably reasonable price.

Making an order is now simple and profitable. Contact us in any way convenient for you and soon you will receive your order with a quality guarantee from the manufacturer.

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Floats for nets White (Polyfoam Techno-M)

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Floats for nets White (Polyfoam Techno-M)

Floats for nets White (Polyfoam Techno-M)

White floats on the net - Polyfoam Industrial fishing is somewhat different from the usual fis..

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