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Fishing line is an indispensable material in the manufacture and restoration of nets and other fishing gear - both for industrial and recreational fishing. Its key purpose is to girdle and tie fishing structures, to provide long-range throwing of fishing tackle with bait in the reservoir, to cut and weigh fishing. In addition, the material is intensively used for economic purposes: for gardening, garden equipment, in everyday life. Apply a fishing line in the jewelry and clothing industry.


Nylon as a material for fishing line: properties and advantages

In ancient times, this seed material was made by hand, using horsehair (Ancient Greece), cotton and linen (Ancient China, and then Kievan Rus). Since the XVIII century. the first machines intended for knitting fishing line in large volumes for sale appeared, and the material itself began to be impregnated with waterproofing compounds to improve its quality and improve functionality. Today, the fishing line is made of synthetic fibers, which have a spectrum of characteristics that most meets the requirements of professional fishing (polyethylene, nylon, fluorocarbon, nylon).

Nylon is used to make the fishing line presented in our electronic catalog. This artificial material appeared in 1937. Its inventor is the American chemist W. Carothers, who worked at the DuPont lab. Nylon allows you to produce a scaffold with a light refractive index of 1.52, in water, this figure reaches 1.3.

The nylon fishing line has the following advantages:

  • smooth calibrated surface;
  • the presence of a protective coating that helps maintain integrity in contact with salt water;
  • a tendency to become entangled in aquatic vegetation, driftwood, and bottom stones;
  • abrasion resistance;
  • tensile strength;
  • the ability to withstand high and low temperatures;
  • a tendency to stratify;
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • medium stiffness combined with elasticity.


The popularity of nylon products are also related to the value available to all categories of buyers against the background of the above advantages.


The assortment of nylon fishing line

On the virtual a showcase of the online store "Sethe Tackles" for regular and potential buyers presented a fishing line in the coils. In Ukraine, representatives of all regions of the country can buy seed material - we arrange delivery by transport and logistics companies to the settlement specified in the application. The products are transparent, dark green and fluorescent. The assortment allows choosing a fishing net material of such thickness:


  • 0.18 mm;
  • 0.20 mm;
  • 0.22 mm;
  • 0.24 mm;
  • 0.30 mm;
  • 0.34 mm;
  • 0.40 mm;
  • 0.45 mm;
  • 0.50 mm;
  • 0.60 mm;
  • 0.70 mm.

The scaffold is implemented by unwinding a net weight of 1 kg. The length of one such unwinding depends on the thickness of the material: the smaller this indicator, the greater the footage of a 1-pound reel. Note the footage table posted on the page. It shows the ratio of the thickness of the fishing line and its length per 1 kg of weight. With the help of the information provided, you will be able to purchase the product that meets your requirements.

Characteristics Type - Fishing line on the reel; Manufacturer - Ukraine

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Fishing line on reel 1kg

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Fishing line on reel 1kg

Fishing line on reel 1kg

Fishing line on a reel (1000 grams)  Fishing line is an indispensable material in the ma..

299.00 грн.