• Filament a kapron : bobbin 200, 400, 900 gramme (Different thickness)

Kapron thread of high quality standards (200-900 grams)


One of the most popular hobbies among the male population is fishing. You can deal with these hobbies both in the summer and in the cold season. But in order to have a big catch, you need to choose high-quality gear.

Nylon threads are an indispensable element used in fishing. With their help, you can repair damaged rods, other tools for fishing, weave nets, use as a cut. In addition, nylon thread is used in the textile industry for sewing and repairing clothes and shoes, in the food industry - in the manufacture of sausage products as bag sewing threads. In everyday life, one can not do without nylon, with it you can tie flowers and vegetables in the garden, weave a fence for birds, tie bags, pack waste paper, take with you on hikes or on outdoor recreation. 

Properties of nylon threads

Mass production of polyamide yarn began in Germany in 1943. It is in great demand due to these characteristics:

• moisture resistance;

• resistance to frequent bending;

• high strength;

• increased breaking capacity;

• Nylon threads do not cut the surface, unlike fishing lines, hold the structure well, do not rot, do not lose them functions with time, even with repeated use, do not get confused and do not flake.

At the moment, in the manufacture of polyamide threads, such a unit of measure as tex is indicated. In simple words, we can say that this is the weight of a thread 1 km long. It also indicates density, the higher this figure, the greater the load the thread can withstand. For example, if, choosing a thread, you see the value 29, this means that 1 km of the thread has a weight of 29 g. There may be such indications in the name of the thread: 29x2 or 29x3. This means that for weaving a nylon thread 1 km long, two or, respectively, 3 threads were used. A stronger polyamide thread is made by twisting a large number of small fibers, which further improve its properties.

We recommend that you buy nylon thread in our online store and in order to make it easier to buy the right thread, use the meter table, which shows such parameters as burst load of wet and dry threads, weight, elongation, diameter, and density in tex. They are very important if you buy materials for making fishing gear or designing fishing nets. This allows you to weave the canvas for a specific type of fish, optimally calculate the load. 

Offers of the online store "Sete Snasti"

The assortment of the online store "Sete Snasti" has nylon threads from 0.2 to 1.5 mm thick in bobbins of 200, 400 or 900 g. They come in several colors. They should be selected based on the reservoir in which the fishing will take place. If the water is green, then the thread must be selected in the same color. Most fishing nylon threads are made by twisting together 3 fibers, which are then formed into the main thread. Thanks to this, the fishing net or spider will not break even with the largest catch. In addition, you can purchase other fishing materials at an affordable price. Choose our store to buy polyamide yarn, because we have:

  • the lowest price for fishing net materials;
  • high level of service;
  • quality counseling;
  • variability of payment and delivery methods;
  • bonus savings program;

  • regular promotional offers.

Deciding to buy a nylon thread, you need to take into account the tensile strength, strength, diameter and other characteristics, which can be found on the table.

Characteristics Structure. Type - Thread on a bobbin; Manufacturer - Ukraine

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Filament a kapron : bobbin 200, 400, 900 gramme (Different thickness)

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Filament a kapron : bobbin 200, 400, 900 gramme (Different thickness)

Filament a kapron : bobbin 200, 400, 900 gramme (Different thickness)

Kapron thread of high quality standards (200-900 grams) One of the most popular hobbies among ..

71.25 грн.