• Japanese doll - BARRACUDA from 0.30 fishing line (150m to 75 cells) ∅80-120mm

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Among the oldest fishing gear are nets. At the peak of popularity, they are now, for many centuries, proving their effectiveness, high catchability, maximum practicality and ease of use. In addition to these advantages, nets are characterized by low cost, in other words, affordability for a wide range of consumers.

But in Ukraine, at the level of legislation, the possibilities for using such fishing gears are strictly limited. In order to protect the environment in general and biological resources in particular, only commercial fishing is allowed using nets by specialized farms, private fish farms, etc. An amateur fisherman who decides to install such a device in a reservoir is considered a poacher. A punishment appropriate to the norms of the law will be applied to him.

Not all professionals consider the best option to purchase ready-made nets. Many prefer products made to order, because such gear can be given those characteristics that will best suit the specific fishing conditions (size, color, a diameter of the cell, type of floats and sinkers, etc.).

An important part of each tackle is the main canvas, from which it will depend on the correct choice. High-quality Japanese chains (dolls, Delhi - as they are often called by professionals) can be purchased in our online store. 

The specifics of Japanese-made dolls

In assortment there are BARRACUDA net cloths made in Japan. A fishing line with a high level of strength and elasticity is used as the basis for their manufacture. The double-knot technology used by the manufacturer for weaving allows fourfold increase the doll's resistance to stress, in comparison with cheap Chinese counterparts. As a result, the demand for BARRACUDA products in the market of components for the manufacture of fishing gear is increasing.

A special additive used in the production process provides:

• painting the net in purple, which is invisible to fish in a pond;

• creation of a protective barrier against UV radiation;

• the high elasticity of the canvas, its ability to stretch becomes 35% larger in size, compared with the original dimensions.

Often the fish in the process of extracting from the net gets entangled in the fishing line, gets stuck with its head in the cell and does not have the opportunity to independently move in any direction. In this case, the only way out for the fisherman is to push her using physical force. If del BARRACUDA is used to make the fishing net, you don’t have to worry that it will burst under the onslaught. 

What parameters are endowed with Delhi?

The thickness of the fishing line varies between 0.15 ... 0.30 mm, and the cell size is in the range of 30 ... 120 mm. A typical length is 150 m, as well as a height of 75 meshes.

You decided to buy net canvases, but do not know what height in meters do you need? Then multiply the diagonal of the cells that suit you by their number in height, using the formula for the diagonal of the square.

You will find out the diagonal of a square by multiplying √2 (the number 1.41) by the side of the square (it is the cell of your choice).

For example, the side of the square (that is, the cell) is 80 mm, the total number of cells available along with the height of the canvas is 75.

• 1.41 * 80 = 112.8 mm;

• 112.8 * 75 = 8460 mm.

You will need a canvas approximately 8.5 m high.

If you want to make sure the quality of the dolls before buying, order a sample. We will send it to you free of charge at the indicated branch of the New Mail postal transport and logistics company. You will need to pay only for shipping.

Characteristics Material - Fishing line; Manufacturer - Japan

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Japanese doll - BARRACUDA from 0.30 fishing line (150m to 75 cells) ∅80-120mm

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Japanese doll - BARRACUDA from 0.30 fishing line (150m to 75 cells) ∅80-120mm

Japanese doll - BARRACUDA from 0.30 fishing line (150m to 75 cells) ∅80-120mm

Nets canvas from Barracuda - what will surprise you Among the oldest fishing gear are nets. A..

1,790.66 грн.