• Japanese doll - BARRACUDA from 0.28 fishing line (150m to 75 cells) ∅70-100mm

Japanese nylon fishing net Barracuda - wood (100% quality)


Nets are fishing gear that was among the first to appear. Today, they, as before, are in demand. This is due to the fact that it is easy to use nets, they are easy to store, and the catchability of such devices is maximum. The ability to capture large volumes of fish is especially valuable for industrial fishing.

The use of nets is strictly regulated by Ukrainian law. In order to protect the environment, it is forbidden to use this equipment, except for the industrial catch of production from water bodies. Otherwise, such actions will be qualified as poaching, and for them, the offender is supposed to bear responsibility.

Many professionals, instead of acquiring ready-made fishing nets, consider it a more rational decision to order their manufacture according to individual parameters from the masters or do it yourself. In this case, the first thing you need to do is to acquire a quality basis for homemade fishing gear - a net. To buy reliable and durable dolls in Ukraine is offered by the Sete Snasti online store.


Nylon fishing nets from the Japanese manufacturer

In our virtual storefront you can find BARRACUDA dolls that are made in Japan. The basis for their creation was a high-strength elastic fishing line. Fishing net blades are made using the technology of a double knot, which made it possible to obtain gear that is three to four times stronger and more resistant to stress than the Chinese inexpensive analogues common on the modern market. This fact explains why the popularity of BARRACUDA dolls continue to grow rapidly.

In the production process, a specific additive is used, which:

• paints a net cloth in a violet shade imperceptible underwater;

• creates a protective barrier against ultraviolet rays;

• ensures the elasticity of the doll and its ability to stretch by 35% over the original dimensions.

Often a situation arises when the fish gets tangled up in the net in the process of choosing a gear, and the fisherman does not dare to push it or pull it so as not to break the canvas. If the net is made from a BARRACUDA doll, such a problem will not arise. Due to the high level of elasticity, the net-sheet does not deform and does not crack upon physical impact. 

Japanese fishing net parameters

The manufacturing company produces dolls from fishing line, which is 0.15-0.3 mm in diameter. The cell size is 30-120 mm. The length of the mesh is standard and equals 150 m. There are 75 cells in height.

If you are interested in the desired height of the doll, then you need to multiply the diagonal of the selected cell by their total number in height. For this, the formula for the diagonal of the square is used, in order to determine the diagonal of the square, it is necessary to √2 (i.e., 1.41) multiply by the side of the square (i.e., of the selected cell).

Example: a cell is 70 mm, the total number of cells in height is 75 pieces. Then:

• 70 x 1.41 = 98.7 mm;

• 75 x 98.7 = 7402 mm.

This means that the required height of the net web is approximately 7.4 m.


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Our online store offers favorable conditions for cooperation for all customers, including those who want to buy a set of canvas for the forest. Ukraine, in other words, without exception, all regions of the country are geographical features of our activities. We send parcels through the "New Mail" to all settlements. We are ready to provide you with a free sample of dolls so that you can be sure of their proper quality. All you need to do is pay for the delivery of the probe with New Mail.

Characteristics Material - Fishing line; Manufacturer - Japan

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Japanese doll - BARRACUDA from 0.28 fishing line (150m to 75 cells) ∅70-100mm

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Japanese doll - BARRACUDA from 0.28 fishing line (150m to 75 cells) ∅70-100mm

Japanese doll - BARRACUDA from 0.28 fishing line (150m to 75 cells) ∅70-100mm

Japanese nylon fishing net Barracuda - wood (100% quality) Nets are fishing gear that was amon..

2,597.43 грн.