Nylon fishing net, the Golden-Fish doll is an excellent choice for fishing


Commercial and amateur fishing is developing more and more and in order to make fishing easier, special gear is needed.

A fishing net set (doll) is a special material for the construction of fishing gears, which, as a rule, is based on twisted fishing line. The tourniquet may have a thickness of 3 to 12 threads, which makes the finished product softer and more flexible. The canvas of the fishing net is not equipped with rebounds (cords), cargo, and floats. The main characteristics of the net web are the thickness of the fishing line and the size of the mesh cells. It is selected depending on the individual needs of the buyer. 

Golden-Fish Mesh - A Reliable Purchase

Introducing 200 m net fishing for 200 mesh. made of fishing line with a thickness of 0.15 mm and with a mesh size of 25 mm to 60 mm. Manufacturer: Penguin (Taiwan), a leading company in the fishing tackle market. Buying a Golden-Fish nylon fishing net is profitable and reliable, as it is strong enough, resistant to UV radiation and saltwater.

Nylon fishing net painted green, have a width of 200 m. Height is measured by the number of cells and in the proposed version is 200 pieces. After planting the canvas on the rebounds, you can get a fishing net ready for use with a length of about 140 m. To improve the fixation of the node, as well as for operational indicators, the fishing net is subjected to thermal fixation. 

How to make tackle from a nylon fishing net?

Hand-made fishing nets have several advantages over ready-made fishing nets, where the fabric is sewn in a stretch and breaks at the slightest tension. In the process of manual landing, it is possible to adjust the tension of the canvas without compressing the upper selection, which in turn makes it possible to distribute the lower cord evenly along with the unevenness of the bottom, increasing the catchability of the fishing net.

To make a full-fledged tackle it is necessary to carry out a series of actions:

• Cut off the right amount of canvas needed for the needs of the fisherman.

• Set 200x200 net in the upper and lower rebounds.

• It is important to clearly and correctly distribute the nodes and fix them.

• Equip the top selection with floats.

• Fasten the weights on the bottom selection.

It is important to do these steps in order to keep the upper cord afloat and the bottom drowned in water. The lower cord should not be too heavy, since the fishing net should smoothly sink in water, and the catchability is considered to be higher if the web tension between the selections is low. 

Advantages of the net web

The main advantage of the fishing net can be called high strength, which is achieved by twisting the lines. If you use an ordinary fishing line, it immediately breaks at the slightest tension, and in the case of using a twisted thread, it can elongate by 5-10% in case of stretching and only then breaks.

Nets made of such a fabric have a high catchability. This is explained by the fact that the refractive index of fishing line and water is identical, which makes the fishing net invisible in water. Such tackle can be used to catch large fish, but it is better to avoid contaminated water bodies - this reduces the life of the product.

Also, the net set of fishing line differ:

• high strength;

• resistance to damage and tearing;

• when immersed in water, the fishing net acquires additional softness and elasticity;

• perfectly even cells;

• almost invisible in water, due to the unique color;

• resistant to ultraviolet rays;

• the possibility of use in saltwater;

• high catchability;

• excellent operational characteristics.

Mesh canvases from fishing line is widely used and can be used as commercial and amateur fishing gear.

Effective fishing with gear from Sete Tackle is a reality; you just have to take care of their purchase in advance. 

Favorable purchases in "Set Snasti"

In the online store "Sete Snasti" - you can find any auxiliary materials for the construction of gear and fishing gear, as well as buy a nylon fishing net from fishing line. We cooperate with well-known manufacturers and large suppliers, so we can offer competitive cost without loss in quality.

You can place an order by filling out an application on the website or by calling the indicated numbers. Our managers will provide expert support so that the purchase is correct and useful. Convenient form of payment and fast delivery will make cooperation effective and enjoyable.

Please note that the use of materials and components presented in the assortment of an online store for the creation of industrial fishing gear for poaching is prohibited at the legislative level. Responsibility for such actions lies directly with the fisherman.

Characteristics Material - Fishing line; Manufacturer - Taiwan

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Nylon fishing net, Golden-Fish doll (200x200 mesh) 0.15 Fishing line

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Nylon fishing net, Golden-Fish doll (200x200 mesh) 0.15 Fishing line

Nylon fishing net, Golden-Fish doll (200x200 mesh) 0.15 Fishing line

Nylon fishing net, the Golden-Fish doll is an excellent choice for fishing Commercial and amat..

1,754.00 грн.