• Japanese doll - BARRACUDA of 0.18 fishing line (150m for 75 ball) ∅30-60mm

Barracuda - Japanese nylon fishing net, better quality


Nets for fishing are gears whose history dates back to ancient times. Since then, to this day, their design has repeatedly undergone changes aimed at improving and increasing the catchability, many new modifications have appeared. Due to the simplicity of use and storage, low cost and good efficiency of the fishing net, they are still actively used by fishing cooperatives, private farms and owners of small ponds engaged in commercial fishing.

If you make this type of equipment yourself or want to order the creation of the equipment you need from a private master, we suggest you buy a nylon fishing net in the "Sete Snasti" online store. But consider the fact that Ukrainian legislation restricts the use of fishing nets to protect the environment and establishes penalties for their use for poaching in the process of amateur fishing. 

Features of Japanese Dolls

On this page of the catalog is a doll (i.e. net) of the Japanese brand BARRACUDA. In fact, this is a workpiece that is used as the basis for creating an industrial fishing net.

The doll is made of a high-quality fishing line using a double knot technology. Thus, the manufacturer was able to provide the canvas with maximum strength. In the manufacturing process, a special additive is used, which is the key to:

• purple color, which ensures the invisibility of the fishing net underwater;

• doll's resistance to UV radiation;

• high level of elasticity, ability to stretch by 25-35% in relation to the original size;

• tensile strength.

A fisherman who removes prey from the net and noticed that the fish is tangled up in the cell will be able to push it further to speed up the selection without thinking about whether the tackle will burst when pulled, since such a risk is completely excluded.

BARRACUDA dolls are 3-4 times stronger, more reliable and more resistant to wear in comparison with cheap analogues made by Chinese manufacturers. Therefore, Japanese materials are leaders in terms of popularity and sales in the market of modern fishing tackle. 

How to calculate the parameters of the doll yourself?

The diameter of the fishing line from which the Japanese BARRACUDA nylon fishing net is made has several variations and is equal to:

• 0.3 mm;

• 0.28 mm;

• 0.25 mm;

• 0.2 mm;

• 0.18 mm;

• 0.15 mm.

Here are modifications of the web with a 0.18 mm line. The size of the product is standard: width - 150 m, height - 75 cells. The mesh diameter varies in the range of 30-120 mm. The smaller the planned production, the finer the cell should be taken.

The height of the doll can be calculated by performing several simple mathematical operations. It is necessary to multiply the diameter of the selected cells by their total number in height, using the formula of the diagonal of the square.

The diagonal of a square is equal to the product of the square root of 2 (1.41) and the side of the square (cell). If the cell is 50 mm and the doll’s height is 75 cells, then the calculation will look like this: 50 x 1.41 = 70.5 mm. The height of the net-canvas will be: 75 x 70.5 = 5287 mm, i.e. approximately 5.29 m. 

Why should the choice be made in our favor?

If you want to purchase a nylon fishing net  (Japan) in Ukraine, make an order on our website. We cooperate with customers from all regions of Ukraine. If necessary, we are ready to send you a free sampler so that you can be sure of the quality of the dolls presented on the virtual showcase. You will only need to pay for its delivery by New Mail to your locality.

Characteristics Material - Fishing line; Manufacturer - Japan

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Japanese doll - BARRACUDA of 0.18 fishing line (150m for 75 ball) ∅30-60mm

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Japanese doll - BARRACUDA of 0.18 fishing line (150m for 75 ball) ∅30-60mm

Japanese doll - BARRACUDA of 0.18 fishing line (150m for 75 ball) ∅30-60mm

Barracuda - Japanese nylon fishing net, better quality Nets for fishing are gears whose histor..

1,861.91 грн.