• Japanese doll - BARRACUDA from 0.15 fishing line (150m to 75 cells) ∅30-50mm

Japanese Barracuda nylon fishing net - Superior Quality


A fishing net is a tackle with a long history, which, having gone through a series of transformations and improvements has retained its popularity today. This equipment is an ideal option for the industrial catch of fishing by fishing cooperatives, specialized farms or private owners of small ponds engaged in fish breeding and rearing for wholesale and retail buyers.

If you practice self-production of gear of this kind, you will need a high-quality set canvas, which we provide an opportunity to buy.

Important: for the illegal use of fishing nets for poaching during amateur fishing, the violator will be fully responsible, and not the online store and its employees. 

What is a BARRACUDA doll?

A doll is a net that acts as a blank for the manufacture of an industrial fishing net. BARRACUDA - high-quality Japanese forestry netting, the creation of which uses a unique technology of double knot. Thanks to it, it became possible to obtain a mesh characterized by an increased level of strength.

Due to the special additive used for the manufacture of Japanese net towels, it is possible to provide products with maximum protection against ultraviolet radiation, a high degree of elasticity (the ability to stretch 25-35% of the original size), as well as a purple tint of fishing line. In terms of strength, the BARRACUDA net curtain is 3-4 times superior to many inexpensive analogues made in China.

Therefore, if such a the situation happens when your production falls into the cell during the selection from the head, you can quickly push it further without worrying that the canvas will burst and become unusable upon physical impact.

These advantages explain the fact why Japanese BARRACUDA dolls occupy a leading position in the modern market of industrial fishing tackle. 

How to find out the parameters of the net cloth?

BARRACUDA  fishing net blades are made of fishing line, the thickness of which is:

  • 0.15 mm;
  • 0.18 mm;
  • 0.2 mm;
  • 0.25 mm;
  • 0.28 mm;
  • 0.3 mm

On this page of the catalog dolls with 0.15 mm fishing line are presented. Their size is standard - 150 mx 75 cells. The assortment contains products with mesh diameters from 30 to 120 mm. The larger the planned production, the more a cell can be selected.

If you need to calculate the height of the mesh, multiply the diameter of the mesh that you need by the number of cells in height using the formula for the diagonal of the square. You can find out the diagonal of a square by multiplying the square root of 2 (this number is 1.41) by the side of the square (i.e., mesh). If the mesh is 50 mm and the canvas is 75 cells high, then the calculation will look like this: 50 x 1.41 = 70.5 mm. The height of the canvas in this case is: 75 x 70.5 = 5287 mm = 5.29 m. 

Our possibilities

If you want to buy a Japanese net in Ukraine, send the desired option to the basket or use the quick order button. Our company guarantees:

  • quick application processing and package assembly;
  • sending to the desired locality of the country by “New mail”;
  • affordable prices;
  • quality assurance;
  • discounts for regular customers who can partially pay with accumulated bonus points.

If you want to make sure that the doll is of good quality before buying, we can send you a sampler after you leave your request to the manager of the online store. The service is free, only New Mail delivery is paid by the client.

Characteristics Material - Fishing line; Manufacturer - Japan

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Japanese doll - BARRACUDA from 0.15 fishing line (150m to 75 cells) ∅30-50mm

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Japanese doll - BARRACUDA from 0.15 fishing line (150m to 75 cells) ∅30-50mm

Japanese doll - BARRACUDA from 0.15 fishing line (150m to 75 cells) ∅30-50mm

Japanese Barracuda nylon fishing net - Superior Quality A fishing net is a tackle with ..

1,869.25 грн.